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There have been bad times in the industry , but never have the times been as bada as they have been during the last two years and all this was only beacuse of the dreadful pandemic. It affected the whole world , and the film industry in India was no exception – Ali Peter John

The industry came to a standstill with all work coming to a grinding halt. Theatres closed down ( more than 1000 single screen theatres shut down during this period). And so did multiplexes and every other medium of screening films.

Lakhs of workers lost their jobs and so did the mighty stars , producers and directors and technicians who had to stay at home and play with their thumbs for lack of doing anything else.

Shootings were a part of the distant past and there was darkness by day all over where there was so much of excitement and enthusiasm in the name of creating entertainment all over.

It was only sometime in October 2021 that the industry showed some signs of limping back to some kind of normalcy when some stars began shooting and some theatres and multiplexes opened with covid restrictions and shootings also began under the most strict observations by medical and other authorities.

All this has led to the industry facing the kind of financial losses that will perhaps take years to make up.

There are efforts being made or being planned to save the industry from this sorry state, but will these efforts lead to bring back the industry to the same status that it work in some time in 2020?

It can if some stringent steps are taken and everyone cooperates in following them. The stars will have to certainly cut down on the astronomical crisis that they are still charging because their crisis are half or more the problem of the industry.

Writers will have to write better scripts which will have better chances of being made into better films which can appeal to as many people as possible.

Directors will have to put the ideas of the writers into action in the best way possible without wasting time, energy and above all money which is the biggest problem created and left back by the ravages of the pandemic.

Every member of a production team will have to be more responsible than they were at any other time in the past and work towards only one goal and that is to make a good film that will draw the audience and hold their interest and make them love the films that are made.

Never has any film that has been made with good intentions failed and never will they fail if the intentions are good even now.

A good film can still be made if there are good people who are interested in making good films which are the only treasures that can save this industry after a pandemic or even during normal times.

Let’s try to work on new ground and we may succeed in a much better and bigger way than ever before. All we need is the will to fight back and win back the place we have lost to the pandemic.

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