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Hina Khan And Adhyayan Suman Think Thrillers Are An Audience Favourite


With the advent of different thriller series like Family Man, Ghost Stories, Ghoul and Breathe – we know that the genre is becoming an industry favourite. Keeping up with this trend, and giving audiences an edge of the seat experience, MX Player has recently released two spine-chilling series’ – ‘Damaged 2’ and ‘Madhuri Talkies’.

While ‘Damaged 2’ puts a limelight onto the idyllic world of a couple who seem to harbour a dark secret, MX Original Series ‘Madhuri Talkies’ talks about a society plagued by atrocities against women and how a young man goes on a rampage to avenge hisbeloved. Set in the heartlands of Banares, this neo-noir thriller asks an important question – is justice delayed, justice denied and also highlights the growing need of taking matters into our own hands.

Hina Khan, from Damaged 2, talks about why the genre is now gaining momentum and said,“I think suspense attracts in any form. Sometimes by thriller or horror, these two genres really attract people, they are on the edge of their seat all the time and it’s so intriguing to know what is going to happen next. Damaged 2 has both the elements, although it’s not horror but it does have some supernatural elements in it.”

Starring in the lead opposite Hina, Adhyayan Sumanadds, “It is thrilling and intriguing, that you don’t know what is going to happen next, you don’t know how that character is going to behave, you don’t know who the actual character is. The secrets and the fact that your heartbeat is sort of pacing up because you don’t know ab kyahoga, arre isnekiyahoga and then you realize that he/she isn’t the person and that somebody else has done it. So the twists and turns is the most exciting part I would say.”

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