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Hina Khan ‘Hacked’ A Coffee Shop For A Meet & Greet With Her Fans In Mumbai


Jyothi Venkatesh

Hina Khan visited a Coffee Sho’p in Mumbai on 7th of February 2020, for the promotions of her newly released movie ‘Hacked’. The meet and greet was organized by the Coffee Shop associated as Hospitality and F&B partner with Zee Studios, one of the prime Indian Film Production and Distribution company By Zee Entertainment Enterprises.The Coffee Shop Outlet was covered in crowd eagerly waiting for Hina Khan to arrive. As the actress reached the venue she was showered with flowers, gifts, tokens of love, selfies and autograph requests from her fans.

After a short binge on Coffee and food, Hina Khan sat with the fans discussing her upcoming movie, journey, and personal choices. It was an evening filled with fans discovering conversations with their favorite actress over a cup of coffee.During the meet and greet Hina Khan said ‘It is very difficult for us to pull in people to cinemas to watch a movie like ‘Hacked’ as people nowadays don’t want to indulge in movies that are heavy on emotions and depressing.‘Sareena’ the character I am playing in the movie challenges me since the subject is something I have never touched before.

However, so far I have always tried to be experimental with my choices be it playing Akshara, Fear Factor, Big Boss, Komolika, Lines and now Hacked. With this film, if I’m able to give some strength to women out there, I will be more than happy’.‘Hacked’ is a psychological thriller film directed by Vikram Bhatt. Depicting the unflinching truth behind love and revenge in the age of social media, the movie portrays the realities of hacking in today’s time. Coffee Culture in association with Zee Studios has curated a Hacked Special Menu in 22 Outlets spread across 18 cities in India.”

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