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Salman Khan Calls Hina The Original Bahu Bani Babe

Jyothi venkatesh
There’s only one Hina Khan! The actress graced the first weekend of Bigg Boss Weekend Ka Vaar and life comes in a full circle as Hina is by far the most popular contestant of the House from the last 13 seasons. Hina was seen as part of the supermarket task where the actress brought lovely messages from family and audience for the housemates.
When on stage with Salman we loved the camaraderie between the two but what really struck out was Salman Khan complementing Hina and saying You are the original ‘Bahu bani Babe’. While Salman has complemented other actresses on the show for their image turn around, the original will always be Hina, and who else better than Salman to vouch for this!
Sources say that hina was called 1st as a celebrity in the all celebrity season to inspire the housemates because she has set an example to look up to and learn both inside and outside the house.  Hina has always been the flag bearer of being an original self, she also mentioned it on the show that being imperfect is fine as long as you are being real and fighting for yourself, without any baggage of your image as established celebrities, because in the end your conduct, career and growth outside the house as a person is all that’s remembered!

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