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Hina Khan & Priyank Sharma’s Musical Film, Raanjhana Will Take Your Breathe Away!


Jyothi Venkatesh

Hina Khan & Priyank Sharma met through Bigg Boss and their friendship became iconic as the duo is one of the few who has maintained relations post the show.  Now two years later, Priyank and Hina are back together and this time around for Arjit Singh’s music video Raanjhana!  The two shot the video in sweltering heat in June in Delhi and Haryana but looks like all the obstacles were worth the final product as the video is a visual treat to the eyes!  From the locations and seeing Hina and Priyank together and Arjit’s voice, the video looks like its a hit already!

Hina Khan, Priyank Sharma

The press conference for the launch took place in a suburban venue today as the media was all cheers for the visual treat with Raanjhana!  Hina shares, “It was one of the most challenging shoots but the video is a film with all emotions from romance to pain, which is the most exciting part of this project.  Generally a film has a couple of hours to narrate such a screenplay but here we had just five minutes.  When you are working with someone who you already share a great rapport with, work becomes all the more fun and Priyank and I have had some great memories while shooting for this song.  Plus, I have always loved Arjit’s voice so for me this one is definitely close to my heart.”

Hina Khan, Priyank Sharma

Adding in Priyank also says, “Shooting for Raanjhana was altogether an amazing experience! The song itself is so emotionally beautiful with a concept which not many have touched upon, which made it even more intriguing to shoot for. The entire team made the experience of shooting the song very comfortable for us. While it was fun shooting with Hina who is a good friend, putting together some parts of the song was also quite a challenge due to its conceptualization, but again with the help of our amazing directors and crew, it all went through quite smoothly.”

Hina Khan, Priyank Sharma

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