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Shilpa Shinde who became the winner of the reality shows Bigg Boss 11 remained silent when one of the contestants discussed the topic of an apparent adult video that was leaked stating to feature Shilpa Shinde during her stay in the house.

The actress now shared the original adult video on her Twitter page to clarify that the girl in the video is not her and somebody else.

Shilpa tweeted, “Plz see this u will get to know जिन्हें कोई काम धंधा नहीं है वह लोगों की जिंदगी इस तरह से बर्बाद करने की कोशिश करते हैं।
यह है वह original लड़की ka VIDEO जो शिल्पा शिंदे का MMS leak हुआ है ऐसा बोला जा रहा है।”


To Shilpa’s tweet, Hina Khan, and her boyfriend Rocky Jaiswal reacted and questioned and asked her to be more careful while sharing such videos.
Hina Khan tweeted, “Sad..anyone’s fans or regular trolls may get away by saying anything on SM but as a public figure we get a power to be able to reach to millions with just one tweet and at least we should be very careful n responsible. Specially in these times, real life is not a reality show !”

Rocky Jaiswal wrote, “@ShindeShilpaS whatever happened with u is unfortunate n u hav a right to Spk abt it but I ask u, do u hav a proof of consent of the woman in ths video tht u can post it? If she’s the imposter u claim why don’t u go Legal instead of promoting porn on Sm being a responsible celeb?”

He also tweeted, “Also how do u or any of us can prove that d woman in the video was aware tht she was going to be showcased on any porn sites ?This is heights of irresponsibility! As u claim being a victim of such acts u shud hav never done this!I don’t care what fans do or say but THIS IS WRONG!”

Do you think Hina Khan and Rocky Jaiswal were right in this?

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