Hindi movie saint _ Tukaram ‘s _ actor Subodh Bhave Of First look Came front , director Adityas Om has Great Saint Did Biography Of Did Illustration

Subodh Bhave (2)

Bollywood In last Some years In biopic movies Of One round Ambulatory Stayed Is. the same Harsh In Now Maharashtra Of Great Saint Tukaram But One best movie Soon to see To will get. prize the winner Film director Adityas Om By directed movie saint _ in Tukaram _ flag Saint Did Role flag Cinema Of supper star And biopic King Subodh Bhave has played Is.

Very Soon to come Wali Hindi feature movie saint _ Tukaram ‘s _ actor Subodh Bhave Of First look Front coming only Discussion Of Subject become Went Is. Own First Hindi feature movie In Historical Role To taking actor Enough Excited Are. director Adityas Om , who South movies Of Too go Mane actor are , of Tell Is That Modern Time In Saint Tukaram But Film Make One Big challenge doing Is. Them This Talk Of Too Sadness Is That Hindi Cinema has So much Great Saint But Till today Any noteworthy Film No Made it

Subodh Bhave

Significantly Is That This Film Did Shooting Complete Are finished Is And This Post Production stage In Is. Film In Important Actress Sheena Chauhan are , with only Shishir Sharma , ‘ Massab ‘ movie fame Shiva Suryavanshi , Gauri Shankar Singh , Rupali Jadhav , Hemal Dharia , Rahul Singh , Yogesh Pandit , Manveer Chowdhary , Kiran Patil Too Important Roles In Are Whereas Sanjay Mishra , Arun Govil , Lalit Tiwari , DJ Akbar Sami , Hemant Pandey , Ganesh Yadav And Other Specific Role In appeared Will give


the creator P Gautam Did This movie Curzon films And Purushottam studios Of Banner under Made Is. movie Of musician Sunday Tripathi , Viral – Lavan , Nikhil Kamath Are


remarkable Is That Worldliness Did Responsibilities To ada Do happened One Simple Person Saint How made , so Kind Did True events From Inspired Is movie Saint Tukaram. Our thoughts , your Behaviour And Own Conversation Of meek behaviour From Tukaram Common people To Always better Life to pass Did Inspiration giving are. Their ideal , their Principle And Their Sermon human beings Of Always Guidance Do will remain And filmmaker Adityas Om has That Great Saint Did Biography To elder curtains But take off Did One Big Responsibility To well ada Did Is. So waiting will be like this inspiring Cinema of , which Society And people General But My Effect Will leave

First look of actor Subodh Bhave from director Aditya Om’s Hindi film ‘Sant Tukaram’ out


The first look of Actor Subodh Bhave from the upcoming Hindi feature film ‘Sant Tukaram’ has been revealed. The actor will be portraying the revered Marathi saint ‘Sant Tukaram’ in the film directed by award winning film director Aditya Om. The shooting of the film has been completed and it is in postproduction stage. Subodh Bhave who is a Marathi cinema superstar and biopic king is pretty excited about his first Hindi feature historical role. Director Aditya Om who is also a known actor in South films says that making a film on Sant Tukaram in modern times is a big challenge. He also laments the fact that no Hindi film in recent past has been made on such a revered and followed great saint. The film has Sheena Chohan in the female lead along with Shishir Sharma, ‘Maassab’ fame Shiva Suryavanshi,


Gauri Shankar Singh, Rupali Jadhav , Hemal Dharia, Rahul Singh, Yogesh Pandit, Mannveer Chaudhary,Kiran Patil in prominent roles with special appearances by Sanjai Mishra, Arun Govil, Lalit Tiwari, DJ Akbar Sami , Hemant Pandey , Ganesh Yadav and others.


Made under the banner of Curzon films and Purushottam Studios the film’s Producer is P Gautam, Music by Ravi Tripathi, Veeral – Lavan, Nikhil Kamath,