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Hindustani Bhau releases teaser of his song Mumbai Machaand in reply to Manoj Bajpai” Bambai mein ka ba


Hindustani Bhau has sang and featured in a song called Mumbai Machaand. The teaser of the song is out and it looks smashing. It has been sung by hindustani bhau and it features Sneha Gupta. The song came as a reply to Manoj Bajpai’ song Bambai mein ka ba. He had sang it and featured in it.Hindustani Bhau” Instagram handle was hacked earlier and he had entertained us all in the bigg boss house as he was super sportive in it. He didn’t let the obstacle deter him and he didn’t give up.

Hindustani bhau

In fact the love of his fans increased due to this. He is coming back super strong with this power packed song. The song has been produced under the music label Nexus Records and has been produced by Shoaibe Dhebar and Hindustani Bhau in association with the Bucketlist Films. It has been directed by Faisal Miyan Photuwale. The lyrics and Rap has been written by Malik Sahab and the music has been done by Prateek Gandhi. The director of photography is Bhanu pratap Singh.

Hindustani bhau

We spoke to Bhau and here is what he has to say, “It’s not a diss or a take on anyone. Mumbai mein ka ba in bihari translates to what is there in Mumbai? So I am just showing what is there in Mumbai. How sporting are the people of Mumbai and how welcoming are they. I respect the actor who had done that video but this one is for all the people in India to know Mumbai better. There is no war or fights here. Everyone loves their state as they love their country. So that’s how I see it. If people want to call it banter, it’s fair but definitely nothing more than that. I am rapping for the first time in my life and also featuring in a song. So I would need all the love and wishes of everyone.”

We like a bit of banter here and there. Don’t we? Unless it doesn’t heat up too much, it’s fine. Let’s see how that fares as we wish Hindustani Bhau all the luck for Mumbai Machaand.