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Holi Hai Re But These Actors Focus On Saving Water!


The festival of Holi is here and everyone is ready to make the best out of this festival. As the festival of colours begins, JYOTHI VENKATESH reaches out to the biggest television stars to know their plans, views on water scarcity and what Holi is for them.

Aparna Dixit

Generally, I like celebrating festivals with family. This time as I am busy shooting, I will be here in Mumbai with friends and my brother. I support dry Holi with organic colours as it is a festival and we should not waste water or spoil the skin. My childhood memories include bursting water balloons and watercolours but as we grew up I became more aware of the water wastage and now I can’t remember the last time I celebrated Holi wasting water. It’s chilling with friends, playing with colours and dancing our heart out!

Sanjay Gandhi:

This year I am not in the mood of playing Holi because I lost my wife a few months ago. And the second reason for not playing Holi is because of Coronavirus effects as per my knowledge all the colours and instruments are manufactured in China. So, no Holi celebration this year for me. At the same time, we will save a lot of water which is very necessary nowadays.

Dipna Patel

It’s a beautiful festival of colours and I enjoy dancing and playing with my friends and family but I prefer dry Holi and herbal colours to play with. Kids shouldn’t be stopped from using pichkaris completely as I have done that too in childhood. But parents definitely can make them understand the importance of not wasting water. Also playing Holi on the roads shouldn’t be allowed as many animals end up eating colour. Everyone will have to think beyond themselves and about the seriousness of not wasting water which many are not able to do. Schools can play a major role in making kids understand the importance of dry Holi. Every housing society committee can also bring this change in their own immediate environment and make others aware too. We played Holi on set for three days today so I’m not eager as every year but still, I will play for some time.

Himanshu Malhotra

This year the plan is to not stay in Bombay but to go somewhere else and probably enjoy and relax somewhere in a resort for two days. I don’t want to play the same Holi that I have been playing since years in Bombay at different kind of parties that I have been attending with television celebrities. A good idea would be to go to Vrindavan. If Amruta is free then she can offcourse come along with me. Everything depends on our shoot schedules.  We don’t want to play with water since we have been trying to create awareness from the past two-three years about “DO NOT WASTE WATER, WATER IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT”. So, let’s save water and play dry Holi. I think even Vrindavan also plays dry Holi. I think water saving has been executed in the last two-three years as I have been watching in the parties. So yes let’s play Dry Holi and save water, save the environment. We are on this planet so let’s make this planet better than we formed it.

Amit Sarin

I’m in LA and will play Holi here but not on the same date, but on the weekend. I love Holi and use to play it every year in Mumbai! I love the way people play Holi in Mumbai, with organic dry colours, Bollywood music, food, rain dances. Water has been a big part of the Holi which is played, so if proper arrangements can be made to carry the tradition then why not.

Arun Mandola

I am excited this year to play Holi because this year I am going to my home town Delhi for celebration. Usually, I love dry Holi but this year I will try to play Holi with water. Saving water is very important for us but there are lots of situations where we can save water but we don’t save. Like unnecessary toilet flush, Water purifier RO, etc. I think Holi without water has no celebration but yes off course we should not waste too much water.

Shweta Rohira:

Holi like every year is with my family and friends we celebrate in my building and I love this festival of colours because being an artist I have always been very fond of this festival. I love dancing to Bollywood music on this day, especially all the Holi song. The song of Akshay Kumar and Priyanka Chopra from Waqt “do me a favour let’s play Holi” is my favourite.

Amruta Khanvilkar

I hate Holi because firstly we apply colour and then bath to remove it all, it is such a tiring process with a lot of wastage of water. Also, it is very unhygienic I feel. So I don’t play Holi but I do the Holika pooja for sure.

Jasmin Bhasin

I will be going to my hometown for Holi as my mom has kept paath at home and if I happened to miss that because of work then I will celebrate Holi with some of my friends in Mumbai at some Holi party. It’s going to be dry Holi for me and it always has to be dry Holi because water is one of the most important resources and we should follow the measures and conserve it instead of wasting it because in Holi a lot of water is wasted.  So, I feel slowly the awareness is coming and slowly we will definitely see the change. As everything takes time.

Mohit Malhotra

Like every year, I plan to celebrate this with my friends and family. They come over and we have big celebrations at my house. Holi is incomplete without mouth-watering Gujjiya that we make every year at home.Also, we have mandatory Dahi Bhalla and Thandai to complement it along with dal Kachori. So it’s a big feast party that We all enjoy during Holi. It’s going to be a dry Holi for me as I believe I’m preserving water. Holi is a festival where we get to meet with friends and family and celebrate. Yes, I with the need for saving water but rather than depending on others we have to start the movement at our own home first. It’s going to be slow and steady but with consistency, we will see a big change in this. So I request all my fans and supporters to save water this Holi and play with dry colours.

Kettan Singh

I used to play and attend a lot of Holi Parties during my Radio Jockeying days. Since the past few years I haven’t been very active on Holi, just a few childhood friends and family, good food, good vibe that’s all for Holi. Holi with water was when I was a kid, not anymore, I am anyway very specific when it comes to saving water. Open taps and water wastage should be strict on any day and every day. Talks happen every year, and should happen, people should be made aware of the consequences. We have examples in front of us like Bangalore and Chennai.

Arush Nand

I generally play Holi with my family and building friends. In school, we celebrated dry Holi a day prior. It’s fun to spend a fun-filled day with near and dear ones. I will make sure to use Eco-Friendly colours when I play. The entire family gets together to celebrate this festival. I will be careful in not wasting water and have a Green and Eco-friendly Holi

Amal Sehrawat

I haven’t planned anything except that am going to play dry Holi with organic colours. I have a different opinion on it, I have seen the change in people’s attitude, many have started playing dry Holi and those who have not for them government should ban rain parties as they are a major source of wastage.

Aniruddh Dave

I belong to the pink city and Holi is very big there. So I have grown up playing Holi every year. This year also I will celebrate Holi with my wife Shubhi. I would use dry eco-friendly colours. I am strictly against rain dance as that is wastage of water and excuse of children having no other option should not be used. A strict initiative should be taken to stop people from using water on Holi.

Ridheema Tiwari

It’s thoughtful to make efforts towards saving our natural resources but people waste a lot more water on a daily basis leaving taps open and flushes leaking than one day of celebration can ever spend. Gifts of the Universe like clean water are truly very precious and we rarely feel gratitude for the same. However, it’s funny how it’s mostly around Holi, that people remind others about the value of water and playing a dry Holi to save water. I wish everyone a safe, responsible, peaceful Holi.

Sharad Malhotra

Holi is every year a very special event for me. And now it is even more special because Ripci is with me in my life. During my childhood playing Holi with balloons was my favourite but gradually I have transformed myself into a gulal person. So now I prefer dry and organic Holi. When you stay in a city like Mumbai where monsoon is the source of our daily water services. so, we should not waste water in Holi and Holi also signifies social gatherings, having fun, dancing and singing. so one can really avoid water and play a dry Holi.

Vijayendra Kumeria

This Holi my daughter is really excited to play and enjoy the festival so I will be calling some of her friends to our place then a small kiddish Holi party is on our mind. Since the last two years, I have decided that I am not going to play any water Holi so this Holi is going to be dry and fun. It’s definitely going to be with herbal colours. I strongly recommend everyone to play dry Holi and let’s not waste water. I think there should be some rules and regulations put forth by the government that the water should not be wasted or they should set a particular limit to the usage of water and that is how people would take it seriously so I think the government should take steps on this.

Heital Puniwala

I don’t like to go out anywhere and play Holi as people play Holi with dirty colours. But nowadays what I have noticed is people play Holi very nicely and also use less water unlike before and play dry Holi only using colours. I am aware of the fact that people don’t waste a lot of water in playing Holi as it is definitely a waste and misuse of water but in my opinion, after playing Holi the water we use to bathe to remove those colours is also waste of water. Though Holi is a festival of colours and should be played but only use of little colour just on the face by family members can also be counted as Holi. Nowadays people have made it a trend to organise parties where people play with friends and apply all the colours all over the body etc. all of these things I genuinely don’t like.

Rohitashv Gour

Like every time, this time also I would like to play dry Holi and for this, I would not want any water wastage. Like last year we would use ayurvedic colours and no use of Chinese colours would be done because it can cause a lot of allergies, infections and other side effects. So it would be completely dry Holi and we will also motivate others by organising a small speech in my society and I will also share a word on my society group that no kid would bring polythene made bags and balloons filled with water on the Holi day and water should not be wasted in any scenario be it from the tank water or water guns. Though we keep announcing it every year but in the morning we see people playing with wet colours and kids finish off all the water in the tank using pipes. So this year specifically I will take care of this as water is very essential. Though I hate playing with colours but this time we are going to take some necessary steps. Wishing you all Happy Holi and play dry and safe Holi using Ayurvedic colours.

Rishina Kandhari

Like every year I’ll be with my friends playing Holi somewhere or the other. And I will be placed hoping as there are lots of friends of mine who have organised Holi parties at their place. So I will be going to different places. It’s going to be Dry Holi for me because I prefer playing with organic gulal and not water because I think playing Holi with water is purely wasting water which is a strict no-no for me. And I know every year people say that we should not waste water and save it but it doesn’t get executed but I think if every single individual knows how precious water is for us. We should also start using organic gulal instead of those dirty permanent colours which people try to put on their friends which needs to stop as the organic gulal requires less amount of water to remove it as well. So I would request each one of you to play dry Holi with organic gulal like people play in Mathura, Vrindavan or Rajasthan and save water.

Simran Budharup

 I will be celebrating Holi with my family in the morning then later on with friends but this time Nazar cast is planning a Holi together after celebrating it with our families. For the last 2-3 years, I have been playing dry Holi and I think it’s much more fun with music and a lot of food that is what I also enjoy. We all know how much water is important and it’s very crucial to save it. Every year people talk about saving water yet we can see a lot of people playing Holi with water which I am not in favour of. But in my building, there are a few elders who have decided that they would give children a kids party like a dinner or a picnic etc if they won’t play Holi with water and don’t burst firecrackers on Diwali, which I feel is a very good initiative by them to make them understand the importance of water and pollution. Save water and play a colourful Holi.

Avinash Mukherjee

Firstly Indians are so happening, people are so joyful and energetic that we all just need a day or situation to celebrate. Festivals are the epitome of the phrase that is said “unity in diversity”. So that phrase is justified during these festivals and Holi is one of the biggest festivals in India. but this time it would be limited and people won’t waste a lot of water which is especially because of coronavirus we are taking extra precautions and measures and I urge people who are reading this to please limit yourself to only closed ones and family members who you all know very well because we should be extra careful and cautious. On the occasion of this festival spend a lot of time with family, relatives and friends. Of course, I celebrate Holi with dry colours and I don’t waste water as Issues like water scarcity, global warming etc are increasing and I believe whatever resource we have be it electricity, water, petroleum etc should be reserved. Lastly, I would want to wish u all a very Happy Holi.

Rahul Sharma

Right now I have no plans because I like Holi but I don’t play much Holi with colours and all. Earlier I used to play with my friends. this year I have a lot of invitations are there so I will go to some party or wherever my friends are. I will go with them, I will enjoy and play dry Holi. The fact is nobody cares about water because if we have something and certain things cannot be done without them.  Holi cannot be played without water so somewhere water will be used we cannot be stopped. People play dry Holi but till a certain point. So I would urge people to use water in limit and play water Holi using water guns or water balloons instead of a bucket full of water or water tubs. This would allow people to enjoy as well as control water usage.

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