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Homage Paid To Late Nabendu Ghosh


Jyothi Venkatesh

saw a beautiful homage to one of Bollywood’s greatest names in screenplay writing, Shri Nabendu Ghosh. The evening began with Hindustani Classical singer, Padma Shri Dr Soma Ghosh singing a heart touching poem in tribute to the martyred soliders of the Pulwama attack along with the screening of a short film by director Subhankar Ghosh.List of Dignitaries at the concert who came to the tribute concert of legendary writer Shri Nabendu Ghosh: Chief Guest Shaan, N. K. Vyas, of the National Film Development Corporation, B. N. Tiwari, President of the Federation of Western India Cine Employees, writer Kamlesh Pande, poetess Smt. Deepti Mishra, writer Smt. Alka Agarwal Sigtia, Film Director Mohan Kavia, Cinematographer Moloy Dasgupta, Producers Subhash Chaudhary and Mrs Shaila, industrialist Sumit Gupta, art curator Prem Bharati, film editor Raju Mahapatra, Dr. V. I. Katchi, Additional Director Education & Principal, Bhavan’s College. The Bhavan’s BMM students who won the script competition held in honour of the day were- First prize to Arnab Chatterjee,  Second prize to Kimberly Misquitta, Third prize to Fatima Imran Khan. The jury members of the script competition were, Subhankar Ghosh, Smt Deepti Mishra, Smt Alka Sigtia & Prem Bharati.

Shaan & Pamela Jain we’re the highlights of the evening and with the Short film by Subhankar Ghosh.The event was an initiative by Dr Soma Ghosh, founder trustee Madhu Murchhana.

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