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How Akanksha Singh and Amitabh Bachchan’s sweet bond on 34 runway (earlier known as Mayday) began with a box of cookies and a bugge


Aakanksha Singh has been one of the most sought-after fresh talent in the Hindi film industry in the recent times.

In her upcoming line up of films, the actress is working alongside some of the biggest names in the industry.

But getting these amazing opportunities has only increased Aakanksha’s dedication and hard work towards her craft.

Next up, the actress will be seen in Ajay Devgn’s upcoming directorial Runway 34, where she is playing the part of Ajay’s wife.

During the shoot of the film, the actress got severely injured and ended up with a facture.

However, being a professional, dedicated to her work, she continued to shoot despite the injury and the pain. She used to arrive on set on a wheelchair but never missed a day of work.

Her co-star on the film, Amitabh Bachchan, was really impressed on seeing her dedication, and showed a very kind gesture towards her that became priceless for the actress.

The Big B especially got a Bugge for her from his house to use as he noticed that she was facing difficulty to move around on the wheel chair.

Being the gentleman that he is, he also went to the extent to make sure that she was comfortable during the shoot.

Aakanksha was highly touched by this gesture and felt really special. To thank him for it, she wrote a special poem for The Big B, depicting how her dream has come true of working with him by being his co-star on Runway 34.

The legendary actor was so touched by the poem that he sent her a hand-written letter, thanking and appreciating her for her sweet words.

Not just this, but this cute duo had many more memorable moments on the set that made the film special for both of them.

Unknown to many, Aakanksha is a big foodie by nature, so she often used to end up snacking on the sets in between breaks.

The Big B noticed this, and once during the shoot, he got some special cookies for her and even gave her a sweet nickname, ‘Tooty-frooty’. And that was the beginning of their beautiful camaraderie.

Listening to these instances has just increased the intrigue around the film. Aakanksha lived the dream of many of seeing their name alongside Mr Bachchan and this will be a film that she will never forget in her life.

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