How have producer Bhushan Kumar and director Om Raut made the eloquent lyricist Manoj Muntashir on the head of 'Adipurush'?

By Muskan Taneja
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There is no need to reminisce about the controversy of 'Adipurush'. Due to the lewd dialogues of the film, now that the public mind has been aroused in the whole country, some dialogues of the film are being rewritten and attached to the scene. The principal producers of the film, T-Series-head Bhushan Kumar and director Om Raut, have cleverly kept themselves silent instead of getting themselves embroiled in controversies. And, has exposed the outspoken writer-lyricist Manoj Muntashir.

Manoj Muntashir, who is seen giving interviews everywhere on TV channels these days, is the lyricist and dialogue writer of 'Adipurush'. He shared the writing of 'Adipurush' with writer-director Om Raut. He is not even the spokesperson of the production company or the film, but he is standing in front everywhere to cover up the perversions of the film. As if he has made the film, he is being blamed for wrong filming, and he has to correct the mistakes by shooting.adipuurushhOf course Manoj has given some hit songs to Bollywood movies. But it is not even that his songs should be counted among good songs or he should be put in the category of lyricists like Anand Bakshi, Sahir Ludhianvi, Shailendra, or Majrooh. Some of the songs written by him are 'Galliyan', 'Tere Sang Yaara', 'Teri Mitti', 'Kaun Tujhe', 'Kaise Hua,' 'Dil Meri Na Sune', 'Phir Bhi Tujhko Chahunga'. Apart from these, his name is associated with Bahubali one and two.

The number of people criticizing the dialogues of 'Adi Purush' written by Muntashir is increasing every day. Protests are taking place in every state. Even protests have started in Nepal. Sita has been called the 'Daughter of India' while Sitaji was born in Janakpur (Nepal). Folk singer Neha Singh Rathore has shared a video of her 'Dhat Tere Ki' - "Dhat Tere Ki Writer Mauga...!" Well, Manoj is said to be an opportunist and knows how to seize the opportunity. Earlier he used to add the surname 'Muntashir' to his name. The Muslim producers of the film industry, who did not understand the meaning of Muntashir, used to consider him as a member of their fraternity. He has also taken 'Adipurush' as an opportunity. As the writer of this film, he has added Shukla to his name – Manoj Muntashir Shukla. Now Shukla ji has come forward in the fight for religion. He is explaining the definition of Sanatan to the people. Due to this controversy, he has also obtained police protection for himself.ADIPURUSH 1 As far as the patchup of 'Adipurush' is concerned. The film based on the story of Ramayana has been named 'Adipurush'. Ram can be explained as Adipurush, but was- cannot be said so. The period of Lord Rama (according to 'Vayam Rakshamah') is believed to be in the 37th generation of Suryavansh. Muntashir's clarification is about the dialogues of the film that out of 4000 dialogues, only 5 dialogue lines are objectionable. These dialogues are like 'Jalegi tere baap ki', 'Teri bua ka garden hai kya', 'Lanka laga denge'. So did the producer-director get 5 dialogues written by him to create controversy? When it was time to take credit, Om Raut had said at the time of promotion, "My grandmother used to say where Ram Katha hoti hai, Hanuman ji hote hai." He used to talk about keeping a seat reserved for Hanuman ji in every talk. Now they have kept silent on the unlimited dialogue of the same Hanuman ji and forwarded the bigoted Manoj Muntashir. Manoj says that he is rewriting the dialogues again... Even if the dialogues are changed, does the censor board follow Manoj's instructions? Censors have their own rules. The film has to be re-censored in the process of adding any dialogue or deleting scenes. It takes time, it takes numbers. The film is running in theatres, but to do it there, one has to go through the processes of shooting, dubbing etc.

The outspoken Manoj Muntashir Shukla said- "Let's remove five dialogues. Let's write them again." People have not liked Ravana's (Saif Ali Khan's) Khilji Yayi beard and Sita's look/dress, will you change that too without shooting? However, only the producer and director have the official say on these.

Producer Bhushan Kumar is silent. Director Om Raut is silent. Manoj Muntashir Shukla is speaking, he is saying the same everywhere. They have been offered on the heads of 'Adipurush'... isn't it?

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