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How Shweta Rohira’s Pets Enjoyed Diwali! 

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Jyothi Venkatesh

Shweta Rohira is an animal lover and makes sure to take care of her pet dogs well. In fact, this Diwali, she made sure that all of them were comfortable. “I know dogs get so upset by the sound of crackers and they often hide under beds. It used to break my heart to see my pets also being so terrified. So this Diwali, I made sure to put on music so that they are distracted,” says Shweta, who has three dogs; Dollar, Baller, and Bagheera. The actor has never been a fan of crackers. “I have always urged people to have a Diwali filled with lights and peace. Burning crackers only means pollution. It is not safe for pets and for us as well. I did not burn any kind of crackers, instead, I lit diyas and put colorful lights and enjoyed my time with my family and my pets,” she says.

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