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Huma Qureshi & Saqib Saleem walk the ramp together for the first time !

The stunning Huma Qureshi has been a fashion showstopper on several occasions , however, her show for designer Anvita Sharma, at the Lakme Fashion Week, promises to be extra special.

Huma will be walking the ramp with her brother , actor Saqib Saleem, for Anvita’s brand Two Point Two, a collection that showcases her designs for both men and women.

This will also be the first time Huma & Saqib will be walking together for a fashion show. The two turn showstoppers on the 24th August for
Two Point Two, that classifies as an ‘agender’ brand, which simply means that their designs are for everyone.

Adds Saqib, ” I’ve known Anvita for 10-11 years now since college and infact she is a close friend. Huma and I are really excited to walk for Two Point Two as the brand is all about individuality.The collection this year is really interesting.”

Huma said  , ” I love Anvita’s work . She is truly a unique voice emerging in fashion . I am really looking forward to the show as the brand’s silhouettes Colors and details apply to both genders.

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