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I A Senior Citizen Salaute You Sonu Soodji

My dear Sonu Soodji
I never had the honour of meeting you or knowing you even though I was told that you were my neighbour in Aram Nagar on Yari Road. But I was always aware of the exemplar that you were constantly doing as an actor.
But , I was one of the millions of Indians who were destined to know the real Sonu Sood he had all that glamour, glitz and grit when you stood up like a python with a large heart who had been blessed with the unique ability of giving till it hurt as the late St. Mother Theresa wanted people to give.
Who can forget those souls – stirring seen of how you worked day and night to send migrant labourers to their homes in far away villages in states like Bihar, UP and even other states?
Who can forget the scenes of your being found on railway platforms to make sure that the migrant labourers were put on the right trains and provided with their basic needs, specially good and nutritious food, clean water and even medicine’s?
Who can forget how you and your team moved heaven and earth and ran from pillar to post f
To make sure that all your requirements were made to serve the poor and the downtrodden, the hungry and the hopeless?
Who can forget how you made special arrangement for care to be taken of pregnant women and the old and the crippled and the hopeless?
Sonu Sood
Sonu Sood
Who can forget how you could do what the government at the Centre and the States couldn’t and spend more tine in having meaningless debates on whose duty it was to serve the labourers of the country?
Who can forget how you saw to it that  the labourers not only left the city comfortably but also reached comfort of their hones safely?
Who can forget the overflowing words and feelings of gratitude the labourers showered on you?
Who can forget how parents named their new born sons after you?
And once the major crisis of the migrant labourers eased , you look fir other ways of helping the poor and those left to the .mercy of nature and corrupt politicians?
And now you have gone out of your way to build a bridge connecting people and villages in  Andhra Pradesh, the people of which place have sworn endless gratitude to you and only recently, you have performed one more man made miracles by initiating  of a massive education drive in which you have promised free education in various faculty
And while I am praisiing this for your hercunean and humanist efforts, I have been hearing talks of even your getting g into the rut of the dirty debates that have been ravaging the film industry, I hope you do t fall an easy prey to these dirty fames because you have now grown too big for all these petty matters.
And as you know, the elections in Bihar are at hand and there will be effort’s and pressures put on you with some cunning politicians trying g their worst to make use of your goodness, Will you allow them to do this to you, gods good-nan Sonu Sood