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 I Am Also Looking To Rediscover The House This Is The Most Appropriate Time- Diwali Is Round The Corner”- Soha Ali Khan


Lipika Varma

Soha Ali Khan seems to have a special love for her Kitchen. She is hell bent on re-constructing her Kitchenware this Diwali. Soha not only shared her love for Kitchen but also shared her brother Saif Ali Khan and mom Sharmila Tagore’s love for Kitchen  

Soha recently unveiled a kitchenware –Being associated to this range of home ware Soha had a unique and a selfish intention to do so which she revealed to us,”  I got a call from Mandeep ji he said I am putting  an exhibition here with exclusive range of fine home ware. I want to be honest, I am also looking to rediscover the house this is the most appropriate time- Diwali is round the corner, so I decided to make my own kitchenette look more beautiful. And I am more environmental conscious too. The fact that stainless steel as a product which is use in our times is environmental friendly. And I wanted to come and see myself what kind of new introduction vide fresh products have they made? When you think of stainless steel you do not necessarily think of beautiful delicate things but after having come here now it’s really been an eye opener for me. Because the things I have noticed here are valuable, they are beautiful and they are delicate durable and easy to clean as well convenient to use and last and above all are environmental friendly. So I think it ticks all the boxes.

 Soha’s love for kitchen…… Why is kitchen important place  in every individual’s life Soha goes on to add,’ Kitchen is also a place where you create and make food and if you are inspired by the things around you then you make good and better food. You spend so much time there. Definitely you wish to be in a surrounding that makes you feel so much nice. The fact is here  you can change the surropundings,if you get bored with it in two years time with less money you can send the parts to the Arttd”inox company that displayed a range of fine home ware and get in new colors .”

Saif and Mom [Sharmila Tagore] at times are not on the same page. Do you still play the patch, maker for them even today? Pat comes the reply Oh; yes I have always been patching things for them. I patch things even now.

 One thing they Saif [Bhai] and Mom[ Sharmila] always differ on? Especially, when it comes to home decorating, they always have many arguments over that. I think those argument will always continue to be there. When it comes to decorating your house they shall never be on the same page .And this is life long journey .So I will be patching up things up for a very long time….laughs before concluding

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