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Jyothi Venkatesh

Angad Hasija made his OTT debut last year with “Ishq Aaj Kal”. But after working in TV for over 15 years, he says the experience of working is quite different on both the platforms.He said that “Ishq Aaj Kal” was a very good experience and his pairing with co-star Ankitta Sharma was appreciated by all, and adds, “Working in a web series was undoubtedly a good experience, but being a TV actor I feel that you are not that busy when you are working in a web series.

Because in around 10-12 days we shot the entire show, but when you are working on TV you are busy all the time.”He confessed that web series are in trend right now, but he is being offered shows which require nudity and he is not comfortable doing it.”Web series is in trend right now, but whatever show I am being offered now it requires bed scenes and nude scenes, and I am not comfortable with that. I have got some calls saying that you have got nude pics done so why do you have a problem with this, but people need to understand getting photographs clicked and performing a nude or bed scene is different. And until unless I feel that it’s really required for the concept and the show, I don’t think I will do any such scene on-screen,” Angad says.

The actor was last seen on the small screen in &TV’s “Waaris” and took a break to concentrate on his web series. He says, “I have been doing TV for over 15 years and though I enjoyed it a lot, as an actor I felt that I should do something different. Doing a web series was a refreshing change. But the plan is to work in TV again because I feel it keeps me busy and I have been doing TV since I was 19 so it’s very important for me too. I am looking forward to playing something different, like a spoiled brat, with a different look.

So I am just looking for something like that, and hopefully people will get to see me soon.”Angad made a name for himself in the industry with his portrayal of Alekh Rajvansh in the TV show “Sapna Babul Ka… Bidaai”, but his debut show was “Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi” where he played a cameo role. Having worked in showbiz for over 15 years now, he agrees that the industry has changed over the years and says, “We now have timings, as we shoot from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. or like a 12-hour shoot, but earlier we used to just shoot, there was no timing. I can say it has changed for good and bad both. I feel that the shows are not that strong now, like content-wise, but at the same time I feel they have become more realistic.”

The actor opened up a little more about himself and said that he always speaks his mind our and can’t be diplomatic.”I have always been honest, I always speak whatever is going in my head, but if I feel that it’s not my place to say something in certain situations, I don’t say anything then. I can’t be diplomatic at all. Even when someone asks me to comment on an article or anything, I only speak when I know about the issue, otherwise, I maintain silence,” Angad signs off.

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