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I Am Keen To Produce An All-Women Cast Film: Anand Pandit


Veteran producer Anand Pandit has dabbled in various genres, be it thrillers, biopics or comedy and has always pushed the content needle forward with his films. The producer now reveals that he would like to make a film with an all-female cast. With the new wave of cinema taking over and women gaining prominence in tinsel town on and off camera, Pandit feels the audience’s preferences are changing and storylines are being conceptualized carefully.

He says, “I am very keen to produce an all-women cast film and am working on some concepts. Gone are the days when a woman in the lead in a film would not triumph at the box office. Thappad is an example of films that are not only accepted by the audience but also appreciated. While most of the male starrer films do well, I feel it is time when female-led films will also have as much traction at the box office.”

One would think it is this business aspect that has gotten Pandit attracted to an all-female cast but he has other reasons as well. He believes that women have an innate capability to feel the character’s emotions and they add additional complexity to the roles they play.

He says, “I feel women add a lot of gravitas and complexity to characters and the storytelling, more than that they are efficient actors. Seeing a film headlined by a woman, written and/or told by a woman makes for a compelling watch and definitely proves that there is a perspective that needs to be showcased. We have been one-sided even in our portrayal of women and it’s time we start having a neutral narrative.”

Anand Pandit has worked on some very iconic films under the banner Anand Pandit Motion Pictures. Movies like PM Narendra Modi, Batla House, Section 375 and others. Interestingly he is working with both the Bachchans currently – with Big B in “Chehre” and Junior Bachchan in “The Big Bull” both set to release later this year.

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