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I Am Lucky To Be Launched With Govindaji Who Is My Favorite Ideol- Mishika Chourasia


Pahlaj Nihalani introduces me to the pretty and tall actress who is in a mood to answer my questions for an exclusive interview at Pahlajji’s party to release the songs of his latest film Rangeela Raja at the Hotel Sun N Sand .

You are a newcomer. How did you bag your break with a producer like Pahlaj Nihalani in Rangeela Raja?

My uncle knows Pahlaj ji very well. He took me to his office one day very casually. I recollected I had seen his film like Aankhen, Shola Aur Shabnam Bade Miyaan Chhote Miyaan etc. Neither did I ask him for a role nor did he offer me a role then as he was busy with his job as the Chairman of the Censor Board

Go ahead!

This March, I got a call from him saying that he wanted to cast me in his new film Rangeela Raja. All that he said was to drop by for the measurements of my clothes and also to talk on the script as well. I could not believe what was happening. He didn’t even bother to audition me. My joy knew no bounds when I was told that II would be sharing the screen space with no less a legend than Govinda himself. Pahalajji has an eagle’s eye to detect talent. We started shooting at ND Studios 5 days after I got selected.

Have you learnt acting as such before you decided to embark on a career in films as an actress?

Yes. I flew off to do an acting course in New York. When I returned, I had developed a slight American accent. I immediately enrolled with Barry John to cleanse that and get then proper Hindi diction to help me with my career. 

Do you really feel that acting is something which can be taught?

No one can actually teach you acting that too literally if you do not have it within you but you can easily polish your talent by enrolling in an acting Institute

Can you recollect your first day at the shoot of Rangeela Raja?

To tell you the truth, I was a trifle nervous, but when the cameras rolled- can you believe it or not, I completed 3-minutes 45 seconds shot in my first take, after five rehearsals with Govindaji. The entire unit was surprised and when they clapped, I could not believe myself and literally tears dropped down my eyes. I have a very good memory. I read four to five pages and memorized my dialogues and at the same time also improvised on my scenes because Govindaji is a master at improvisation. Govindaji is a fantastic and mind- blowing actor. He is mind- blasting as far as his comic timing, sense of entertainment and ability to dance are concerned.

Can you tell me about the role that you are playing in Rangeela Raja?

I play a young and bubbly girl called Natasha who is intelligent as well and has a strong character of her own. The best thing about my character as Natasha is that I get to be with both Govindas in the film. All that I can say is that the inherent drama in the film takes place the moment I step in the film

What sort of roles do you want to play in films?

I want to do strong roles and not at all compromise by doing feeble roles in films which do not have good content

Have you bagged any other film after you bagged your break with Pahlaj Nihalani?

I should say that I am indeed very lucky because I have two names to launch me in the film industry- Pahalajji and Govinda. Not only that I have also signed a three film contract with the production house.

Which are your five favorite films till date?

I have seen mostly Govinda ji’s films because I am an ardent fan of his. They are Aakhri Ilzaam, Shola Aur Shabnam, Aankhen, Partner and Bade Miyaan Chhote Miyaan.

Who are your favorite actors and actresses in Bollywood?

Vyjayanthimala, Dipika Padukone, Madhubala and Kareena Kapoor. Among the actors, my other favorites are Ranbir Kapoor, Akshay Kumar and Amitabh Bachchan.

What is your take on the Me Too campaign?

It is not a smear campaign but all that I would like to say is that one should not unnecessarily blame anyone and on the basis of just some allegations you should not penalize anyone and malign his hard earned reputation, though all said and done, I feel sincerely that it is a good cleansing activity, which will make the film industry a very safe zone for everyone, whether it is a male or a female in the years to come.

How do you think is the scenario as far as Hindi films are concerned today?

I feel that when you compare it with the 90’s, the scenario has changed in a big way. Now it has improved a lot and we are coming up with a lot of good content. Today it is good that you cannot fool the audiences any longer by churning out nonsense.

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