“I Am Open To Be Part Of Web Series As An Actor But I Do Not Want To Do Anything That Is Sleazy” Kapil Khadiwala, Actor, A Game Of Relationship

Recently, Punjabi Singer- Actor Ammy Virk and actress Tania arrived in Delhi for the Promotions of their upcoming movie Sufna. The Promotional event

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“I Am Open To Be Part Of Web Series As An Actor But I Do Not Want To Do Anything That Is Sleazy” Kapil Khadiwala, Actor, A Game Of Relationship

Jyothi Venkatesh

Tell me something about what your maiden film as an actor- A Game Called Relationship is?

A Game Called Relationship is a fun film which revolves around two youngsters who are best friends and how the fun begins when a sexy hot celebrity couple enters in their lives. It is directed by Vivek Sharma who had earlier directed films like Faltu and Bhootnath and stars besides me, Mandy Takhar, Sumit Suri, Sabeena Sheema and last but not the least Vivek Sharma who is making his debut as an actor with the film.
Weren’t you scared that Vivek may steal the show since besides having written the film,

he has also directed the film, besides producing it?

I know Vivek for quite a long time socially. Vivek is an intelligent director who will not harm his own film by increasing his role and working with him was a big opportunity for me as an actor. Vivek felt that I fitted the role of a super star perfectly and hence cast me in his film as one.

What is your role in the film?

I play the role of a super star called Kabir. As I said earlier, the film has a celebrity couple and there are games which are being played.

How tough was it for you to play the charaater of Kabir in the film?

As an actor, I would say frankly that it was not at all tough for me to play the role since I relate to the role in real life too, especially since I come from a fashion background and have done over 40 music videos besides commercial ads. Besides Vivek, who is a genius and amazing as a director, also made it very easy for me to get into the skin of my character and the camera was not a big issue as far as I am concerned. I did not have to prepare much for my role because my character is just an extension of my own personality. I felt that the character was just me and we shot for the film in a span of three months

Mandy Thakar is a big time star in Punjab. Were you slightly in awe of her when you shared the screen frame with her in the film?

Mandy plays the role of my girl friend and a struggler in the film and is an amazing actress on her own right. Well, why just Mandy, who is a big star in Punjabi films, I am in awe of every beautiful girl anyways in real life. I could easily gel as far as my chemistry with Mandy was concerned. Frankly it would have been a different ball game if say Aishwarya Rai or Kareena Kapoor had been pitted opposite me.

Does the film set out to drive any pertinent message?

The film drives home a lot of messages about relationship between a husband and a wife, a boy friend and a girl friend and friendship between an ultra hot young girl and a flirtatious young boy in a very comic way in fun.

Are you trained in acting as such?

I did my acting course from Kishore Namit Kapoor, besides attending workshops conducted by Asif Shaikh. Besides Vivekji also helped me a lot in training me with the nuances that were required for my character. Also I have done a six months course in acting from New York Film Academy.

Did your training help you as an actor?

I, learnt how to do on and off acting thanks to my training. If I prepare, I would end up goofing as an actor. I, prefer spontaneity

Besides Vivek Sharma’s film A Game Called Relationship, you have also acted in Shadaab Khan’s next film after B.A Pass. Isn’t it?

Yes. I have also acted in Naren Singh’s production after B A Pass directed by Shadaab Khan. It is out and out a hilarious comedy but I am not allowed to divulge either my role or the title of the film, as of now. I acted in both Vivekji’s film as well as Shadaab’s film simultaneously.

Was it challenging for you to be part of Shadaab’s comedy?

Yes. I had to put on weight and add 30 kilos to prepare for my character in Shadaab’s film in a period of three months. The film, in which I play a loser of the first order, revolves completely around me. It is very easy to play the role of a macho man but quite tough to play a loser, because I feel, that it is difficult to play as an actor what you are not in real life

On which film of yours do you bank a lot as an actor- A Game Called Relationship or Shadaab Khan’s film?

As an actor, I think I have to bank on each and every film that I set out to do.
What kind of roles would you love to play on the screen?

I am an actor first and foremost and hence would love to do all kinds of roles in all genres of films including the roles of the villain though my favorite is comedy as a genre

Who are your favorite actors and actresses?

My favorite actors are Hrithik Roshan, Bachchansaab and Aamir Khan and my favorite actress is Kareena Kapoor Khan.

Who are the directors in your wish list as an actor?

Rajkumar Hirani is undoubtedly the first name in my wish list. Besides Rajkumar Hirani, I am also equally keen on working under directors like Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Neeraj Pandey and Rohit Shetty. I hope Rohit casts me in an out and out comedy of his and not an action caper like Simmba in the near future.

Strangely enough, you have not acted till date in any TV serial. Why?

No TV serials for me as my personality looms large and is like Ram, Krishna, Bheem or Shiv Shankar and does not gel with mundane roles in ‘saas bahu’ serials. I did go in for auditions for some TV serials but found the casting directors to be too arrogant and condescending

Are you also open to act in web series?

I am open to be part of web series as an actor but I do not want to do anything that is sleazy. In fact I declined an offer by a big time producer to do a web series because there is a lot of difference between vulgarity and sleaze. I can play a rapist too but not in a sleazy manner but would not be ready to go nude just because the character demands it from me

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