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“I Am Personally Very Proud Of The Journey That Arti Has Experienced Till Now” , Says Aashka Goradia 


Jyothi Venkatesh

Bigg Boss season 13 is nearing its finale very soon, and fans and well-wishers are already getting emotional about not going to be seeing their favourite contestants daily on screen once the show ends.

While each of the contestants has built their own fanbase due to their showcased personalities in the house, one contestant who has truly been highly praised and loved for maintaining a very dignified and subtle personality in the house, is actress Arti Singh.

Unlike the other contestants, Arti has through the season showcased a very clean and pure side of hers, by reacting to any and every situation in the house in a very dignified way, which in turn has not only been appreciated by contestants inside the house, but earned her a lot of support and respect outside the house as well.

Among some of Arti’s closest friends and family who have been supporting her throughout, a lot of the ex-bigg boss clan and other well-wishers have also come out strongly in support of her. Actress Aashka Goradia who is also an ex-bigg boss contestant of season 6, recently came out in support of Arti as well, stating that she loved how Arti has been so strong and definitive in the game!

Opening up more about how Aashka is liking Arti’s game on the show, she shares,”In this season the one person who has managed to maintain her dignity and who has handled situations quite tactfully, as well as never spoken ill about anyone is Arti! She has really managed to balance all these elements very well through the season. I am personally very proud of the journey that Arti has experienced till now. And to see Arti win this seaon, will genuienly make my heart happy!”.

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