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I am proud of my brothers, exults Aarvika Gupta


Tera Kya Hoga Alia?” fame actress Aarvika Gupta says she is lucky to have two talented brothers – Prajwal, a writer, and Ayush, who is a tarot card reader and reiki healer.

She said, “They both are very focused in life. Along with being career-oriented, they are family-oriented as well- Jyothi Venkatesh

“Both my brothers are younger to me but they both are very matured. Ayush is very cool and calm minded.

He’s got a solution to every problem so if I have any problem I share it with him. Prajwal is passionate and self-made so he knows how to handle things peacefully.

We are always there for each other and I am proud of my brothers,” she added.Though Aarvika is the eldest, she confessed that she sometimes feels being the youngest one because her brothers pamper her so much.

She shared, “Whenever Prajwal goes out of Mumbai he gets me a gift. I really like this thing about him and I always wait for him to come back.

And Ayush cookz amazing food. So be it Chinese, pasta, pizza he makes it for me at home.”

The young actress who is making her debut in the Southern film industry with Telugu movie “Puzzle” revealed that she always gets motherly feelings for her brothers.

She said, “I have seen both my brothers since childhood so definitely I have a deep connection with both of them.

Along with being their sister I get a motherly feeling for both of them. We are good friends too.””Ayush and my bond is very different.

He looks at me and understands that I am sad or I have something going on in my head. He’s got a positive and understanding nature despite being so young he solves big issues.

He explains everything very nicely. If my mood is not okay he’s got ways to cheer me up. Prajwal is very creative, he’s got a good sense of humour, when he’s home everyone’s just laughing,” she added.

She also shared an incident from last year when her brothers surprised her on her birthday, and said, “My birthday is on 9th December and everyone said that there’ll be no celebration because of COVID and that we’ll cut a cake at home.

I was like okay with it. But in the morning on 9th, around 9:30 am a car came to our house and they said let’s go for a drive.

This was all planned by Ayush, Prajwal, mom and dad. I had no idea where we were going. We got down at Pawna lake and the moment I saw the view I was surprised that they arranged a camping trip for me.

“They had booked the whole resort because of Corona and they didn’t want the crowd. It was celebrated so beautifully with mom and dad, and it was the best birthday. They also gifted me a lot of things. I will never forget it,” Aarvika signs off.