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I Am Proud To Be Recognized As Aarti’s Brother, Says Krushna Abhishek On Bigg Boss


After staying away from the family for almost four months,  the contestants will finally get to meet their loved ones during the family round on Bigg Boss. But as they say, to gain something you have to sacrifice something, the housemates are asked to make a tough choice. The contestants have to either choose to meet their family members or to be captainship’s contenders. Independent Aarti Singh, who has had an incredible journey on the show was the first one to get the surprise. Her brother Krushna Abhishek enters the house and Aarti embraces him tightly.

The emotional brother-sister duo has a heart to heart conversation when Krushna tells her that the whole family is very proud of her as she has played the game with utmost dignity. With tears in his eyes, Krushna talks about a recent moment when he was shooting in Delhi and a few school kids addressed him as Aarti’s brother. Krushna says that it was the proudest moment of his life and he is very happy that Aarti has come this far in the journey. He also adds that everyone is supporting her outside the house and he wishes to see her in the finale. Making their meeting even more delightful, Bigg Boss tells Aarti that another surprise waiting for her in the storeroom.  The small surprise turns out to be Krushna’ kids. Aarti’s happiness knows no bounds and she hugs them tightly. The two kids perform a special dance to the song ‘Malhari’ specially prepared for their ‘Bua’.

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