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I believe in ‘falling in love’ and going all out, I don’t care about the caste- Tejasswi Prakash


StarPlus brings to its viewers a brand new genre –mytho-romance with ‘KarnSangini’. The popular actress, Tejasswi Prakash who is playing the lead role of Karn’ Sangini Princess Uruvi.

Set in the backdrop of Mahabharat, the show will trace the journey of Uruvi, who chose the Outcaste King, Karn, over her childhood friend, Arjun and became the Outcast’s Queen.

Uruvi is known for her pure, courageous and uncompromising love who challenged the norms of the society and stood against everyone to be with the love of her life, Karn. Tejasswi who is playing this strong character completely relates to it and says, “Just like Uruvi, I would fight against the world for the love of my life. I believe in ‘falling in love’ and going all out, I don’t care about the caste the guy belongs to. Love is more important to me than anything else and thankfully I am blessed with such great parents that they would support me in any decision that I’ll make.”

It will be a delight to watch the gorgeous Tejssawi Prakash who is stepping in the mytho-romance genre for the first time ever.

Watch ‘KarnSangini’ soon only on StarPlus!

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