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“I can grasp my character with all my soul so deeply that, I don’t need Glycerin”: Sameeksha Gaur on her next film Chase – No Mercy to Crime


their way through the industry. Well, Sameeksha Gaur is surely one of those emerging talents that Indian movies are currently witnessing. Sameeksha who debuted in the films with Prakash Saini directorial 2014’s movie Chal Bhaag, was also seen alongside Bollywood star Emraan Hashmi in Why Cheat India that got released earlier this year. Now, talking about her forthcoming project Chase – No Mercy to Crime, Sameeksha has revealed her experience during the shooting of the film. The story of the movie Chase – No Mercy to Crime revolves around a train robbery by Jharkhand-based father-son duo and how West Bengal police handled the case with much bravery. Sameeksha, on being asked about her experience during the filming of Chase – No Mercy to Crime, said: “I can be fully assimilated with my characters in the films and hence, I don’t need Glycerin to portray my emotion on the screen”.

Sameeksha Gaur

“There was a time when my parents wanted me to become an engineer but now, they only want to see me as a successful actress. I feel blessed to have such supporting parents and people around me” Sameeksha added on being asked about her journey to the film industry.

Chase – No Mercy to Crime is a crime-thriller action-packed film directed by Suvendu Ghosh whose earlier works include Bhoy (2011), Chetana (2016), Shunyota (2017). After Sameeksha’s promising performance in Chal Bhaag (2014) and Why Cheat India (2019), the audience is eagerly waiting to witness another stunning performance of the emerging actress.

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