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I Contribute Whatever I Can In My Capacity It Feels Good, Says Vijayendra Kumeria 

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Jyothi Venkatesh

Vijayendra Kumeria plans on spending quality family time this birthday which is on 12th October. The actor who is playing the role of Madhav in Sufiyana Pyaar Mera, is planning a short trip to Udaipur arranged by his wife Preeti Bhatia and his idea is to relax and be away from Mumbai’s busy life. “Age is just number and she believes that we don’t get old with every year it is the maturity and experience that grows with every passing year. I have become more patient and more positive if I compare myself to my younger version,” he says. Talking about his childhood memories he says, “I still remember that we used to live in a joint family so on any kid’s birthday, everyone used to get gifts and all the kids would cut the cake together. As a result, all of us would feel special on each and every birthday celebration.”Ask him what he will gift himself this year, and he says, “I might gift myself a new car this time. Anyways I was thinking of getting a new one so why not on my birthday it’s a lucky day.”The actor believes in connecting with a social cause during his birthday. “I try to make a donation every year to different NGOs. I contribute whatever I can in my capacity it feels good.”

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