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“I Do Not Know Why I Was Replaced By Another Actress In The Play Mahabharat Where I Played Gandhari”, Says Aaarti Naagpal

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Jyothi Venkatesh

This never seen before version of Mahabharata written by Puneet Issar is narrated by Dharti Mata (Mother Earth played by the renowned TV Actress Meghna Malik ) .She explains that no matter what the reasons for conflict may have been , the end result has always been destruction of the planet and mankind .This play revolves around three pivotal characters Duryodhan (Puneet Issar), Karan(Rahul Bhuchar) and Draupadi (Harleen Kaur). The arrogance Of Draupadi , The shrewdness Of Shakuni (Gufi Paintal) , and the obstinacy of Duryodhan may have caused the conflict but under the debris of all evil was buried the forgotten story of true friendship, unconditional love and selfless sacrifice ever witnessed by mankind.

I wonder why on earth it is a top secret story which has not yet been broken out. Not many are aware of the fact that the pretty and talented actress Aartii Naagpal, who is the sister of actress Deepshikha, was actually playing the coveted role of Gandhari in the Puneet Issar directed three hour play called Mahbharat produced by Rahul Bhuchar but when I went to watch the play in Mumbai, I was disappointed not to see Aartii who is a good old friend of mine, not being a part of the play.

I asked Aarti Naagpal who celebrated her birthday at Isckon Temple recently and she said, “I first met producer Rahul Buchar at J. W. Marriott a year ago exactly on17th May 2018. For about six months I started rehearsing for my role with all the other senior actors like Puneet Issar, Surendra Pal and Gufi Paintal who I respect a lot and the play was premiered in Delhi on November 17. Though Felicity Theatre had signed me to do 100 shows of the play, I was cast in only two shows. Even the veteran senior actor Raza Murad had even praised me after he watched one show in Delhi. Like me, Vijayta Bharadwaj who played Kunti was dropped after a few shows. Even Urvashi Dholakia was signed to play Draupadi but after a few shows she had also opted out.  

Aartii Naagpal signs off, “Puneetji who is directing the play is a good old friend of my family and had told me that my role was not shaping out in a powerful manner and hence he will take some time off to conceive and write my role in a bigger way and then reintroduce me in the play. I believe a lot in Karma and Mahabharat is all about Karma and hence would not like to say anything against him or the producer. Let Karma take its own recourse.” It remains to be seen whether Aartii Naagpal finds herself back in the play once again in a bigger and better role in the play Mahabharat soon”.

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