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I Don’t Care If My Film URI Won’t Release In Pakistan, Says Director Aditya Dhar


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While the makers of URI: The Surgical Strike launched the trailer on Wednesday morning, it spread like wildfire online. It has not only caused a storm in Pakistan but also risen much curiousity amongst Indians. The reaction of the trailer left jaws dropped especially the social media caught fire and initiated a debate amongst Twitterati and youtubers across borders considering the trailer is trending in Pakistan as well.
We caught hold of writer-director Aditya Dhar at a movie screening where he spilled the beans on his upcoming directorial.
Elated with the response of the URI trailer, Aditya Dhar says, “I never thought about it but it feels great to see such a good response. It is an amazing feeling. It is great that many political leaders have shared and liked the trailer on social media but I have made this film for Indian Army and not for any political party. This is least we could do as filmmakers for Indian Army.”
It is noticeable that since the time the trailer is released, it has been trending on social media and received enormous attention from people even across nation. On claims of a lot of Indian fans targeting Pakistani Twitterati and claiming a digital surgical strike on Pakistan Internet, he adds, “I am glad but I want people to come and watch the film and realise that how much our Indian Army sacrifies.”
With much noise soon after the trailer was released, the tension between two rival nations risen. Interestingly, even BJP leaders went onto share the trailer on their twitter accounts and it resulted into a massive hue and cry. When asked about to throw some light on the same, he says, “People will come to know about the reality once our film will be out on January 11th, 2019.”
Saddened by the attacks after the trailer launch, Aditya feels, “It is actually sad but I believe our Indian Army will fight back against them with full power.”
Aditya is absolutely not concerned about his film not releasing in Pakistan. He further says, “I don’t care if URI doesn’t gets a theatrical release in Pakistan. I have made this film for my country, my people and my Indian Army. It would be great if people from Pakistan would see this film since it is not made against any individual but rather terrorism. I am not here to clear misunderstandings.”

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