<strong>I don’t like winters much as I am sensitive to cold: Kate Sharma</strong>

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<strong>I don’t like winters much as I am sensitive to cold: Kate Sharma</strong>

While the whole of North India is currently experiencing cold waves and chilly winters, Mumbai is enjoying pleasant weather. And actor Kate Sharma said she feels lucky.

“Winter is here but I don’t like winters much as I am sensitive to cold. Thank god we get little to no winter in Mumbai. Delhi comparatively is too cold, chilly, and foggy,” she said.

“My favourite months are October November December because they are the festive months. But my favourite season is summer as you can go to beaches, wear bikinis and go to the pool in your favourite swimwear,” she added.

And though she revealed that she is not a big fan of winters, she confessed that she enjoys snowfall. “Kashmir is ‘Jannat’ for a winter holiday. But I have to wear at least eight to ten layers of clothes to cover myself from that cold. However, I love to watch snowfall and snow-capped mountains,” she said.

Kate’s favourite short-break destination is Goa. She said, “I am thinking of buying a home in Goa and starting a business over there. I love nature and the people there. I also love Maldives because it has beautiful beaches.”

She also admitted that being a part of the entertainment industry it can be difficult to go on long holidays.

“I think when I was doing TV shows it was very difficult to get holidays. But now I travel as much as possible to shoot content for my social media. I love to travel and explore new places,” she ended.
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