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“I Feel That Arti Could Be The ‘Dark Horse’ Of Bigg Boss 13”, Says Samir Soni 


Jyothi Venkatesh

Bigg Boss 13 contestant Arti Singh is currently going very strong with her game and presence on the show. And with the season finally nearing its finale day, like each contestant who has successfully managed to create their own niche and fanbase based on their personality, Arti has been very different from the others in her demeanour and conduct throughout, which has rightfully earned her the tag of the most ‘Dignified’ contestant in the house! While contestants inside have also praised Arti for being very real and genuine and showcasing her true self to the world. Arti has also earned a lot of support and praise from outside the house from close friends, family and well-wishers who have loved the way Arti has managed to maintain her dignity and respect so beautifully through the season!Ex-bigg boss contestant and Arti’s close friend Samir Soni is also high on praises for Arti’s strong stature throughout the show. Speaking about why he feels Arti could and should win the show this time, he shares,”I feel that Arti could be the ‘Dark Horse’ of Bigg Boss 13! She has throughout the season conducted herself with a lot of dignity and respect, which has rightfully earned her a lot of love and appreciation from people watching the show, specially the elderly and people above a certain age group, who have infact built a strong liking for her in this season.”

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