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“I Live, Sleep, Eat Cricket”- Kunwar Amar

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Kunwar Amar tells JYOTHI VENKATESH that just like every other Indian, he also wanted to be a cricketer.

Actors Cricket Bash is the newest cricket league. How do you feel being part of it as it is original cricket with actual cricket kit?

I feel very good to be associated with ACB. It is the only kind of league where all the actors are going to come and play real cricket with the real kit and a real ball. It’s not like any other form which is for entertainment, this is for real cricket. So all the actors are very passionate about cricket and they are not coming for any kind of TV show or anything, they’re coming to play real cricket. So that’s the most wonderful thing about it because it brings a very healthy competitive feel. I am very happy about it and yes, I’m hoping this to be a great tournament.

ACB will only have men as cricket players so will the competitive streak be more?

It’s not about male or female or anything like that, it’s just that if a female player is playing cricket a man, it becomes really difficult to judge and also little difficult to play. You don’t know how you need to treat the person because obviously physically, even in international cricket, the distance of the boundary and everything is different for guys and girls. If both play together then obviously for one it becomes very unfair because they cannot go that far too. They cannot play with that kind of speed. So, I think, it’s a good thing that we are playing the game in its original format.

What do you think of cricket which is religion in India

Just like every other Indian, I also wanted to be a cricketer. It is my favourite sport and I follow it like a religion. I’m a crazy cricket fan and a lover. I live, sleep, eat cricket wherever possible.

Which is your favourite Test matches, One day or T20 matches?

All formats have so many special moments. Recently India went to South Africa and also Australia and won and came back, achieving victory after decades. These were very special moments for me and very special matches for the entire nation. Even in the T 20, when India won the World Cup for the very first time, for me it was the most memorable match because it was against Pakistan and the second reason was it went on till the last bowl, it was like a very nerve-breaking match. Everyone was very afraid of thinking what’s going to happen. Also, Dhoni was experimenting with a new bowler so everything was a risk, so yes that was fun, memorable and one day of course when India won the World Cup in 2011, nothing can beat that for me.

This year Cricket World Cup is also coming what are the chances of India this time?

I think the chances are pretty bright but this time I definitely feel that the competition is going to be tougher because all the teams are going to come really well prepared. India’s chances are pretty bright because we have an amazing team and players and everyone is in form. Last year, we missed it but this year we are going to get it again.

How you are preparing for ACB?

 I’ve been preparing quite seriously. I’ve been watching a couple of videos as well to learn how to swing the ball, how to surprise the batsman and how to play well as a batsman. So, I’ve been preparing a lot physically and mentally both.

Who is your favourite cricketer and why?

My favourite cricketer, and I am very blunt about it, is MS Dhoni. The reason is that he’s a brilliant captain. He’s an amazing player and an amazing human being. I think Indian cricket revolution started because of him, Indian cricket scenario changed because of him. Today we have a separate team for T20, we have a separate team for one international and we have separate team for the test. He has so much talent, and has given opportunities to all the youngsters and making sure they perform their best to survive. These are the things that Dhoni has contributed for in the Indian team so I’m a huge fan of him.

8 How is it to play cricket with original cricket guard. What is unique about ACB?

Well, it’s the best feeling as a batsman and also as a bowler to play the game in its real form. I am so happy that ACB is happening. For me, it’s like reliving the childhood dream of mine, of becoming a cricketer. Playing amongst all the people who are serious about the game makes it even better, I have a very positive feeling about ACB that it is going to be amazing and every match is going to be full of entertainment and healthy competition. I really want to thank Dilip for making it possible.

What are your expectations from Actors Cricket Bash?

My expectation is that I want to see some amazing cricket happening. There is tough competition in ACB and it’s a healthy platform for a real game of cricket. And yes, we are looking forward to definitely winning the league, it just like any other team.

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