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I Make Films, That Are Driven By Supreme Content And Passionate Actors – Producer Ajit Arora


A number of good content based movies rather than stereotyped star cast based projects is increasing day by day in Bollywood. Box office collections of B-town films are clearly showing that people are loving ‘good’ story based cinema.

This new trend has emerged a bunch of new age producers who believe in quality work to be shown on the big screen rather than just to make films for the sake of business. Ajit Arora, a successful entrepreneur, and business personality is undoubtedly one of them. Ajit’s produced web series ‘377 Ab-normal’, based on the stories of the LGBT community, shows he is on Bollywood to show something different from mainstream commercial hits.

As per Ajit, “Filmmaking is an art, a perfect blend of supreme content and artistic people. I am back in Mumbai to follow my dream of creating content that tells stories, therefore have become a producer.”

His web series was released in ZEE 5 channel and was critically acclaimed by the film fraternities. Ajit adds that good contents are like the fabric of thoughts and they can bring a perspective change towards the mainstream movies of the film industry.

An emerging trend of being a new producer to join Bollywood to make quality content-driven stories is surely a matter of hope. However, his first project has brought more expectations to get more quality works from him in the near future.

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