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I Relate To My Character In A Lot Of Ways: Ishaan Singh Manhas

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Ishaan Singh Manhas, who plays Dhruv the husband of Shrenu Parikh in Ek Brahm – Sarvagun Sampanna, talks to JYOTHI VENKATESH about his role in the show and how it feels to be part of it.

What are the prominent shows you have done?

Mere Angne Mein (Star), Krishna Chali London (Star), Swim Team (Channel V), Ek Mutthi Asmaan (Zee)

What do you feel about the unique title of the show? 

The title is about how our perception of someone being ‘Sarvagun Sampanna’, someone having all qualities, someone perfect is actually a ‘Bhram’, a delusion. What we see is not the reality about that person. I feel our title perfectly describes the main plot of our show.

How did you get Ek Bhram – Sarvagun Sampanna?

Back in December 2018, I got a call from the production house for the role of ‘Dhruv’. Dipti Kalwani, the producer, had seen my previous work and I had also worked with Star Plus in my last 2 shows. I had to compete with a lot of actors to get this role and got finalized 2 months after my audition.

What are your character details in the show? Are you playing negative or positive or grey? What is your look at the show?

Dhruv is the eldest son in Mittal Family and is married to Janhvi (Shrenu Parikh). He is today’s ‘RAM’, very positive, he loves his wife, respects his parents and is like a best friend to his brother Kabir (Zain Imam). My look in the show is stylish formal, shirts, check pattern – Pants and Waistcoats.

How much do you relate to your character? 

I relate to my character in a lot of ways. In reality, I believe in being a positive person and staying away from negativity. I respect and love my parents. Just like my character, I am the eldest son and have a younger brother. Though I am single, if I had a partner, I would care for her the same way Dhruv cares for Janhvi. The thing I cannot relate to is that Dhruv knows that his father is doing wrong but he is unable to discuss anything with him (till now). In reality, I will never disrespect my family but I would surely try to discuss and make them understand when they are wrong.

Thriller shows work big time with audiences what do you have to say on that? 

Yes, they do work very well but then in the world of television especially daily shows, we have to maintain the thrill/drama in every episode and keep creating interesting stories and content. In our show, we have a great team of creatives and writers all working hard to keep the viewers hooked to our show.

How is it working with Shrenu Parikh?

Shrenu is actually a ‘Sarvagun Sampanna’ actor in true sense. She can easily portray any kind of character, thanks to her talent, discipline and perfect expressions. Our chemistry and scenes are being loved and appreciated by the viewers.

How is it working with Dipti Kalwani who is the producer of the show?

Dipti is very sweet, down to earth and is always available whenever we face any issues or if we have any questions related to the story and our characters. Most of the time, she is on set making sure that everything is going smoothly. Very few producers do that. She is 100% dedicated to our show.

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