I Want To Play A Character Like The Professor In 'money Heist', Says Saira Banu Look-alike Urvashi Upadhyay Sharle

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Spanish TV show "Money Heist" became the audience's favourite as soon as it streamed on Netflix. From 'Bella ciao' to the Professor, everyone was just talking about the show. Urvashi Upadhyay Sharle is also a fan of the series and says she would love to play the character of the professor. Talking about her dream role, she said, "During the lockdown I saw a series called 'Money Heist'. In that there was a character called the professor, it was such an amazing character and he was perfect in every way. He was a sharp, amazing and a calm character, and he had a solution to every problem that will happen in future, he had plan A also and plan B also. So, I want to do this type of character, because as an audience if we enjoyed watching it so much, imagine how much fun it will be to play this kind of role."


She shared that she first went on stage at the age of five when she played the role of Sita. The appreciation she got for her performance ignited the desire for acting in her. She finally began her acting journey in 1988 from theatres and was also doing classical dance. She made her small screen debut in 2008 with "Hamari Devrani". She added, "Theatre develops your long term memory and TV and films develop your short term memory. I have done web series also and people say that I do natural acting so hearing such compliments makes me feel that this is not an acting journey, it is a learning journey."Since her TV debut with "Hamari Devrani", Urvashi has always played negative characters. She said, "When the show was offered, I worked on myself on expression and body language. In theatre your body structure doesn’t matter whether you are fat or thin but now I maintain myself as an actress. When I first time I got to know that I needed to play a negative comic role in 'Dil Se Dil Tak', I was very disturbed. It was challenging for me, but that's the fun of being an actor."


Asked her for the best advice she has ever received, she said, "During my theatre days, my director had told me not to make mistakes in front of the camera. As an actor you should prepare yourself before coming infront of the camera, a mistake made by one is considered as the mistake of the whole caste mistake. And even if you make a mistake, handle it with such confidence that audience should not catch it and it should look like that it was framed like this only."Urvashi lastly shared that she would like to work with megastar Amitabh Bachchan one day. She said, "He is an institution in himself with so much positivity. I follow him on Instagram. He has an abundance of knowledge. I feel that if I get chance to work with him I will get to learn many thing as an actor which will give me lesson for a life time."On the work front, Urvashi is currently seen as Begum Noor Jahan in "Ishq Shubhan Allah".


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