“I was physically exhausted a lot after playing the character of Samaira in Samaira” KETKI NARAYAN

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“I was physically exhausted a lot after playing the character of Samaira in Samaira” KETKI NARAYAN

In this exclusive and intimate interview for Mayapuri and bollyy.com, KETKI NARAYAN tells JYOTHI VENKATESH that when her 'periods' started for the first time, her mother warned her that she was becoming a woman and there was the danger of her becoming pregnant by men.


What is your role in the film Samaira?

I play a young blogger called Samaira in the film Samaira. How she sets out to face a big emotional drama regarding her biological mother even while she is traveling on an assignment by her boss and successfully unties the knots is what the crux of the film is.

How tough was it for you to act in a woman oriented film like Samaira?

Frankly speaking, making a film on the issues that a woman faces today in society is much easier than facing the same issues in real life. It helped that we did a couple of readings to try to understand the temps of mine and Ankush’s characters. We stayed at Vari for 21 days and shot for the film


How would you explain Samaira’s character in the film Samaira?

I’d say Samaira is today’s contemporary young girl, like me. Like Samaira, even I have faced harassment in real life but I have not share them with any one till date

To what extent, were you depressed after playing the character continuously?

I felt depressed for quite a long time after I completed the film, especially because the thought was continuously running through my mind and I was physically exhausted. I was also mentally extremely tired


How challenging was the role as far as you are concerned?

My own parents also have been quite open and frank with me and I felt that the role would be very challenging to me as an actress. I could easily relate to the character because at my own place we were not allowed to watch TV till I was in 7th standard.

When did you become aware of the typical problems faced by girls?

When my periods started for the first time, my mother even told me as a matter of fact that I was becoming a woman and there was the danger of me becoming pregnant by men.


How was the experience of shooting for the film at Vari?

It was a very sublime experience in the sense that all we had to do while shooting at Vari was to be extremely devotional as well as religious minded and be connected to the surroundings as well as being disconnected to get into the skin of my character. I was doubly excited because I had always wanted to be a part and parcel of that moment.

How traumatic was your experience?

It was indeed a very cathartic experience especially since during the period to get more close to the character; I did not even keep in touch with my friends as well as parents. Frankly, it was a process to get into the skin of my character and really I enjoyed being in the character.


You are shown to go to a chemist to buy a packet of condoms in the film. Considering that Samaira is a film in Marathi, was it to shock the conservative audiences?

It was not a scene which was included to shock the audiences but to show how emancipated and bindaaz Samaira is but the reason why she goes to buy the condom has been unfortunately edited out in the film.

In how many films have you acted till date? Can you tell me your five best films as an actor?

Till date, in a span of around six years I have been part of as many as 15 films including Youth which was my first film as an actress.

My five best films as an actress are Hawk’s Machine (Malayalam) directed by Krishnendu in which I essayed the character of Ruby, Samaira, Bodhi (Malayalam), a short film called Burning in which I played the role of a widow in Varanasi and last but not the least Vichitram (Malayalam) in which my co-actors are Kani Kushruthi and Chakos. By the way, Vichitram is all set to be released this month all over Kerala


Would you say that your potential as an actress is yet to be exploited?

(Laughs) My latent talent or potential is yet to be not only exploited but also explored till date. It is actually sad because people still give preference to fair skin in the film industry.

I know my capabilities as well as drawbacks. I have to work on my dialogue delivery a lot. Unfortunately there are a lot of perceptions which weigh against talented actors like me.

I thought that the industry works as a team but realised that there is a lot of politics here. The industry feels that I am an outsider from Akola, not from Pune or Mumbai

Have you been subjected to the syndrome of the casting couch?

I know that the syndrome of the casting couch does exist in the industry but luckily I have not experienced it till now. Of course there are producers who call me for coffee at odd hours but I am an upfront person who would not hesitate to tell them frankly on their faces that I am not interested in having coffee with them. Luckily for me, I have not been harassed psychologically till date


How open are you as an actress to display your skin without inhibitions on the screen?

If only the script is good and sensible, I do not have any inhibition to indulge in nudity, lip to lip kiss or exposure. I am game I only the director is having belief in my talent and is ready to work on me and groom me for the role

What plans do you have as a writer and director?

After I wrote and directed a play in Marathi called Manicure about a cancer patient, played by me, I am keen on writing as well as directing my own films, both in Marathi as well as Hindi. Right now, I am working on the script.

I have also copyrighted it. And I know it is high time that I also shifted my bag and baggage to Mumbai to pursue my activities, whether it is as a writer, director or actor.

What next for you as an actress, besides Vichitram?

Besides Vichitram which is ready for release, I also have a Netflix series in Hindi, a TVF web series and last but not the least a Planet Marathi OTT web series

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