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I will cherish the time spent with family this year, says Nilam Kenia


2020 came as a big surprise for all of us, both positively and negatively. While a lot of our plans were ruined, we got to spend some quality time with our families. Though it was forced in a way, it was only for our good. And hair and makeup stylist Nilam Kenia shared that it was the best moment of her life.  Jyothi Venkatesh

Nilam Kenia  “We are so busy with our lives that we somewhere forget to spend some quality time with our families. Thanks to 2020, I will always cherish the time I spent with my family, which I normally wouldn’t have because of work and household commitments and the busy Mumbai lifestyle,” she said.

But sharing her most disappointing moment, she said, “It was that I couldn’t travel and I love traveling and exploring.”

It was during this time that Nilam also realized that how everything is dependent on her. She said, “It was a tough phase for all of us, but what kept me going was that as the woman of the house everything depends on me. If I am low and negative that passes on to my family too.”

Nilam Kenia She also revealed that she utilised this time to work on her skills and as far as her biggest goes, it was, “getting signed by the agency L’Atelier.”

What are you looking forward to? “I would surely be never looking back now and I will be working on fine-tuning myself and my skills,” Nilam signed off.

Nilam Kenia