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“I Won’t Wear A Bikini Just To Post On Social Media”-Shrenu Parikh


Shrenu Parikh, who is being loved for her grey role in Dipti Kalwani’s Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna, talks to JYOTHI VENKATESH about her role, what she loves about and why it means so much to her.

What is the response you are getting for the role in EBSS?

It’s a great feeling that people are open to new types of characters. I have been getting a lovely response to the challenge that I’ve taken up with this show.

Your saree and jewellery are being appreciated a lot how much do you love to dress up as Jhanvi Mittal?

Oh I love it. The elegance, the way she’s been projected always prim and proper is lovely.

What is the best compliment you received so far?

The best compliment I won’t say but yes a very touching one was when my fans said that they could never love a grey character so much. I love the feeling you get when you are appreciated for a challenge that you have undertaken.


You have been accepted in such a different character from your previous shows were you apprehensive taking up the role?

I wasn’t apprehensive, I was nervous about how my fans would react but it’s all worth it as I sleep peacefully thinking I did good work.

With whom do you bond the most on the set?

We all bond very well. Everyone is a great sport and we have great discussions, play games on the set and in between shots too.

Dipti Kalwani is totally involved creatively in the show so how does it make things easy

She’s a wonderful lady, she even stays connected on a personal front and is accessible. That’s a rare quality which pushes the whole team all the more to do well.

What is your off-camera style funda when would you don a saree usually?

I started loving sarees after I became Janhvi. My love for them has increased all the more. I feel weddings and award nights are a great time to wear a saree.


Do you feel an actor has a lot of responsibility off camera as well?

I feel an actor has a lot of responsibility off camera as well, but I guess social media has given actors to give a small window to showcase how we personally are and we are accepted for being real.

Will you wear a bikini and will post the pic on social media?

I won’t wear a bikini just to post on social media. If I have worn it and I feel like sharing it, I would definitely do it. It’s completely my choice and I am sure people respect it.

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