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“If I wasn’t an actor, I would have been a lawyer,” says Tanuj Virwani who plays a civilian lawyer in CODE M

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“If I wasn’t an actor, I would have been a lawyer,” says Tanuj Virwani who plays a civilian lawyer in CODE M


Jyothi venkatesh

 Tanuj Virwani, seems to be gaining popularity in the webspace having played a host of versatile roles recently. The dashing and debonair actor, in his most recent role, is seen playing the character of Angad Sandhu, a civilian lawyer who helps Monica (Jennifer Winget) in cracking the case in ALTBalaji’s recently-launched web-series Code M. We caught the star who couldn’t stop beaming about his character in the show. Here are excerpts from the conversation.

How excited are you for the series?

For me as an actor, it isn’t important to be the hero of the story. I’m one who prefers to surround myself with good talent and soak in whatever I can learn on set. I got the chance to learn so much working with the likes of Jennifer, Rajat sir, Seema Biswas Ma’am and that is going to last me a lifetime as I get better with every role. I want to be proud of the stuff I have done and not just play roles in mass entertainers and instead feel privileged to be a part of a project that makes a difference in its own little way. I think that’s a great service you are doing to yourself and your fans out there.

Do you recall the first day of sets? How was it?

Yes, I do. Angad’s character is very chilled out, a happy-go-lucky guy in this show with such a delicate topic as its theme. There’s one thing being serious on the job but at the same time, I think in life you need to have a sense of humour. Angad is one who even in the worst of circumstances that he is been placed along with Monica sees the silver lining and the lighter sides to it. This was not initially part of the script, but it was a fun experience for me. I like working with people who let you do your own thing.

How much did you relate to your character in the series?

I actually relate quite a bit to my character Angad. I say this because in an alternate reality if I was not an actor, I would have ended up being a lawyer. This means I would have been Angad, so I actually see a lot of myself in his personality. Having said that, you have to follow and respect the script and how the director wants you to act. I think it’s important to infuse a part of your own personality into the roles that you portray on screen.

How was it working with Jennifer?

Jennifer and I go back a long way back. She’s been my senior in the industry, but this happens to be her first web series so in that way I am her senior now as I have done 2-3 web shows. She was quite nervous at the start but I remember telling her, “At the end of the day you are an actor, so don’t think this is television, film or a web series. You are here to do justice to the story and play a certain character so don’t think too much about what the medium is.”

There is a surge in web series today. People are absolutely loving and enjoying. What are your thoughts on it?

Why go to the theatre when it can come to you. For me, what I am offered has to be something really special for me to go to the theatre. Plus, going to a theatre is also very expensive. You are competing with the web, Television, foreign movies, and regional cinema. There are so many avenues of entertainment and so many distractions.

What is the kind of roles you are looking forward to?

When I set out to be an actor, I wanted to be a hero, do a lot of song and dance, beat up the bad guys and winning the girl’s heart. After a couple of setbacks very early in my career, I realized that maybe I am taking this up in the wrong way. I need to be an actor first and explore that to the best of my abilities.

There is a difference between being a hero and doing something heroic

I want to be a part of cinema, web series, any landscape of entertainment as an actor who services the story. It’s always more interesting to play a character with shades of grey because that’s how life is. No one is white or black.

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