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“If Something Path Breaking Comes My Way, I Am Ready To Do A Web Series”- Rakul Preet Singh

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In her first ever interview to JYOTHI VENKATESH, pretty Rakul Preet Singh, who is quite confident about what to talk and when to talk even though she has put in only four years of her career spanning 17 films including Telugu and Tamil and three Hindi films. De De Pyaar De released last week is her third film in Hindi, after Yaariyaan and Aiyyari.

Is De De Pyaar De yet another triangular drama where a guy is tossed between the love for two women in his life?

De De Pyaar De isn’t exactly a triangular love drama. It is about love between a 50 year old guy and a 25 year old young girl who is younger than even his own daughter from his wife played by Tabu. Though there is this glaring age difference between the guy and his girl friend, he wants the relationship to be accepted by his family consisting of his wife, children and his parents. I’d say that it is a quirky and progressive story of today’s relationship which till date no one has spoken about or even bothered to make a film on because it is considered taboo topic.

Why did you say yes to the offer?

I said yes to the offer because I felt that I was getting a golden opportunity to work with seasoned actors like Ajay Sir and Tabu Madam and learn the craft at close quarters. It is something which I feel is more than what I could have asked as far as I am concerned. The film also shows me more in a commercial way as a Bollywood heroine and it was an amazing experience to work with the team of De De Pyaar De.

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Were you intimidated with the idea of working with Ajay or for that matter Tabu?

More than getting intimidated, I’d say that I was excited that I was getting an opportunity to act with big stars like Ajay and Tabu in a film at such an early stage of my career. I am of the opinion that if as an actress I get intimidated or nervous; I do not deserve to be there in the first place. Isn’t it?

In what way is Kollywood different from Bollywood, considering you have been part of almost 17 Telugu and Tamil films in a span of just four years?

There is not much of a difference since both the industries are in good sdpace, good levels though people are noticing it in a grand way only after the phenomenal success of Bahubali. I know the languages as I have learnt them too. Earlier actresses like Sridevi and Jaya Prada also came via the South to do films in Mumbai way back in the 80’s.

Why did you disappear from Bollywood after making your debut with Yaariyaan with Divya Khosla as the director?

Let’s see what destiny has in store for me. What is meant for me will happen at the right time. I certainly hope to do more work here and also strike the right balance between Hindi and the South Indian films. Like say Alia Bhatt is doing Hindi films as well as the Telugu film RRR or Shraddha Kapoor is doing the Telugu film Saaho besides Hindi films. In any case, the lines are getting blurred between both. I am also aiming at credibility to my name in Bollywood, like I have earned in Kollywood.

rakul yaariyan

You were offered films like M S. Dhoni but you did not do it. Why?

Yes. I was offered the M S Dhoni film but I did not do it, because of date hassles. I would never leave work on hand to get work. I was all of 20 years when I bagged Yaariyaan. I’d not have spoken as sensibly as I do now.

Weren’t you skeptical that your role will be non extinct since you are sharing the screen with not only Ajay but also Tabu?

Each one whether it is Ajay Sir, Tabu Madam or I have his or her own individual character without which the film is actually incomplete.

Your debut film Yaariyaan as well as second film Aiyyari tanked at the box office. What do you think went wrong as far as those films were concerned?

Success of failure isn’t in my hands as an actress. In any case, I celebrate failure too. At least I can say that I tried and failed when there are many young girls out there who are desperate to be a part of a film but do not get the chance. At least I am thankful that I am living my dreams. I feel that failures are important to put things in the right perspective to tell you what exactly works at the box office and what does not.

Can you describe your journey from Yaariyaan till De De Pyaar De?

It has been a journey for me as an actress in which I have gained immensely as a person. It is a journey that I will cherish all through my life, whether a film of mine is a hit or a flop. As an actress, you have to choose from what I get. I am a sucker for love stories though I do not have the time to have Mr Right. When I was younger, my mum used to put all sorts of restrictions on me and stayed away from boys but now when she says to keep my eyes open and find the right boy and settled own, I have put all my friends on the job to get the right boy for me.

ajay dede pyaar de rakul

Are you open to do web series or for that matter TV series?

Till date, I have not been part of any web series. If something path breaking comes my way, I am ready to do a web series. I am not at all open to do TV shows because I feel that you should not get too scattered, In any case, I have so much thirst within me to do different films of different genres.

Which are the directors who are ion your wish list in Bollywood?

I want to work with all possible directors including Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Rajkumar Hirani and Karan Johar

Which are your favorite actors in Bollywood?

I look upon a lot of achievers among the actors. I admire Anushka Sharma for what she is and her chokes of films. I admire Alia Bhatt for the diversity that she has at her age.

Whcihj have been your favorite films in Hindi till date?

My favorites are Dilwaler Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Kal Ho Na Ho, Dangal and the last but not the least Vijaypath, which was released when I was just one.

You have not yet been part of a biopic till date. Would you like to do a biopic?

Yes. I’d definitely like to do a biopic, after  I am able to churn out one or two hits and make a name for myself because If feel that a biopic is indeed a great way to celebrate the life of a person. I’d have loved to do Saina Nehwal’s biopic but someone else is part of that biopic now.


Is it true that you have chosen to turn spiritual?

Yes. Four years ago, I got into the spiritual bent of life and started reading a lot of books. Now I know that life is basically about living for yourself.

What next, after De De Pyaar De?

I think it is a great time to be in Hindi films because the filmmakers are coming up with quirky and out of the box content. On the anvil as far as I am concerned is a film like Marjaawaan with Sidharth Malhotra, Tara Sutaria, Riteish Deshmuklh as the antagonist and I in key roles. My role in Marjaawaan is very different to that of Aisha which I am playing in De De Pyaar De in the sense I have baari badkam dialogues to mouth in that film, like the heroines in the 90’s used to do.

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