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If You Are Shy, People Think You Have An Attitude, Says Malhar Pandya


Jyothi Venkatesh

Malhar Pandya is not one to strike a conversation on his own. The actor admits that he is quite shy, however, he says that people often mistake his introvert nature for attitude, which is not true. “I am shy. It takes me some time to mix up with everyone. I think it is because you don’t know the other person so well, so you feel that maybe he will judge you because of your comment and have a very different perception about you. Just because a person is shy, people think that that person has a lot of attitude which is completely wrong. This has happened with me too. I am a little weak in socializing with others but I am working on it,” he says.The actor is not a big fan of parties too. “I really can’t stand loud music. Instead of this, I like house warming parties, get-togethers and all. You meet everyone in a house and you know then what kind of nature everyone has and you can freely be yourself with your friends. But if you go out, like in a pub, first of all, you won’t be able to enjoy your friendship because you won’t be able to talk in such loud music,” he signs off.

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