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“I’m In My Bed By 10 Pm And Make Sure That My Phone Is Away From Me”, Jay Bhanushali Opens Up On Eye Health


Jyothi Venkatesh

Popular youth icon, reality- show anchor- Jay Bhanushali, known for his precise delivery on stage, has been donning multiple hats lately. From his Dhoom Machaao Dhoom days to being a new dad, to the interesting projects that he has a line-up of, Jay is the talk of the town. With a clear vision and goals driving his success, Jay shares a few secrets behind why eye health is his top priority.Health is important not only in terms of maintaining physical fitness but also in terms of eye health. We are constantly involved in activities that might strain our eyes and hence it’s important that we regularly get our eyes checked. Jay Bhanushali himself takes this seriously and shares, “Eye care is very important. The reason is that, I host reality shows and a few people don’t know, but far away from me there is a screen where the script is being shown to me. It keeps rolling and I have to read those lines so if you don’t have a clear vision, you won’t be able to read the lines.” 

 While everyone knows that the inclusion of fruits and vegetables in regular diet is very important for overall health, it also helps enhance vision. Speaking on why a healthy diet and enough sleep plays an important role in eye health he adds, “My tips for healthy eyes would be to eat good food, healthy food. In addition to this, I also have the right kind of vitamins every day. The second thing would be sleeping on time, which is very important and being away from the phone. If I know I am shooting tomorrow, I make sure I’m in my bed by 10 pm and make sure that my phone is away from me.”The actor recently kick-started the #Acuvue1DayChallenge with an eye test and urged all the millennials to be particular about their eye health as well. The initiative is being run in 75 stores across 6 cities in India – Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Chennai for free where one can do eye-test along with experiencing the Acuvue lens free for a day. Speaking on the initiative, he said, “I often seen that people don’t realize that they have a number and try to stretch it which worsens their eye health. For the profession I am in, my vision is very important and therefore I go for regular eye checkups in a gap of 4-6 months. I took the #Acuvue1DayChallenge and I am very happy that I have a clear vision. The brand is encouraging all the youngsters to participate in the challenge where you come, do a free eye test, you get a free set of lenses and you can even get a chance to participate in a music video. I appeal to all the youngsters to take the challenge.” 

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