IMODA and AIIFA founder and model Mrs. Saumya Singh organized a surprise birthday party for her husband, actor Teetu Verma attended

Saumya Singh organized a surprise birthday party for her husband Capt. Prasanjit Singh at Wheel House, Belapur on the auspicious occasion of his birthday, in which apart from his family, many guests joined the party, while actor Teetu Verma joined the party and danced with his artistry. Entertained everyone.

In the past, actor Teetu Verma had launched the IMODA-Indian Models and Organizers Development Association’s app.

On this occasion, Teetu Verma had said whether apps like IMODA will be useful for the entertainment sector in future and how this app can be benefited. Answering these questions, Teetu Verma ji told about such online portals and websites. This is the demand of the coming future, till 5-7 years ago, any artist, model or people associated with the film line had to go door to door to prove their talent in the office, due to which an artist along with money, time also had to be lost, but today the circumstances have changed, such a change has come after Corona that the entertainment industry has also come into the hands of Lego in the form of different apps and portals through mobile, not only this, none of the talented A person can easily work sitting in any corner of the country by uploading his profile on that app, but yes, he has to be talented for this!

Teetu Verma ji had told that IMODA is also an authentic portal where under one roof anyone anywhere in India can try their skills and can do a great job by registering themselves on this portal!

Along with actor Teetu Verma, other people from the film world, Deepak Shetty, Nishita Suvarna, Bharat Purohit, Executive Producer Baba, Choreographer Dev Agnihotri, Bharat Bharat Ajmani etc. were present.