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Important To Love Yourself Before Anyone Else, Says Sumrit Shahi

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Jyothi Venkatesh

Writer Sumrit Shahi might have written one of the most beautiful love stories on the web with Never Kiss Your Best Friend, but he vehemently believes that it is important to keep yourself before anyone else when it comes to loving.

“Personally, I believe that the greatest love story starts when you fall in love with yourself. So, this Valentine’s Day I am going to ask everyone and promise myself also and believe in self-love,” says the talented writer.

He goes on to add, “This is also something which I propagate in my books. It’s not about the fairy tale romance because life is messy. So, the idea is to love yourself so that you can start a love story with someone else.”

While he plans to celebrate this Valentine’s Day with his “one true love”, i.e work, he believes that every relationship should be loved and celebrated on this day.

He says, “Valentine’s Day is a day about love and love doesn’t have to be necessarily romantic. Love can also be platonic, love can be friendship, love can be with family. The idea is to celebrate love and anyone you love can be your Valentine for that day.”

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