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IMPPA President Mr.T.P. Aggarwal elected President of Film Federation of India (FFI)


Film Federation of India which is the apex body of Producers, Distributors, Exhibitors, Exporters, Importers & all other associations had an Executive Committee Meeting last week in Goa, where the members elected IMPPA President Mr. T.P. Aggarwal as President of Film Federation of India. Other office bearers are

1) Shri T.P. Aggarwal: President

2) Ms. Sushama Shiromanee:Vice President

3) Shri C. Kalyan: Vice President

4) Shri S.S.T. Subramanium: Vice President

5) Shri Sakshi Mehra:Vice President

6) Shri N.M. Suresh: Vice President

7) Shri Sabu Cheriyan: Vice President

8) Shri Meghraj Bhosale: Vice President

9) Shri Nitin N. Datar: Vice President

10) Shri Ravi Kottarakara: Hon’Gen.Secretary

11) Shri Sangram Shirke:Hon’ Treasurer

12) Shri Dharmendra Mehra: Hon’Gen.Secretary

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