In a sensational sentimental gesture Sunny Deol and SRK finally fondly patch-up after 30 years ‘cold war’ at Gadar 2 success party ! Will they work together again is what remains to be seen -- by Chaitanya Padukone

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Director Anil Sharma is confident that “unlike Gadar (2001) which only got multiple nominations,  musical blockbuster Gadar2 will definitely get its Awards-worthy recognition at all the 2024 Awards events”.

As I have always said, since the past so many decades that-- generally speaking, there have been no permanent friends and no permanent enmity within the Bollywood industry. As is known, their respective blockbuster movies SRK's Pathaan’ and Sunny's ‘Gadar2’ are creating all-time box-office cinematic history. In a sensational sentimental gesture both the macho mega-stars Sunny Deol and Shah Rukh Khan  (  ‘Jawan’ releasing this week )  finally and fondly patch up after 30 years of ‘cold war’  after they worked together in ‘Darr’ (1993)  at the recent Gadar 2 success party!  Will SRK and Sunny work ever together once again in the future, is What remains to be seen?

Gadar 2 sept enjoying the super success cake

Meanwhile, movie director Anil Sharma is quite confident that “unlike Gadar (2001) which only got multiple nominations,  musical blockbuster Gadar2 will definitely get its Awards-worthy recognition at all the 2024 Awards events”.    Frank-natured Anil Sharma is very honest as he says, “ who does not like to get prestigious Awards, and after 22 years the current Awards Jury will surely have a different creative sensibility to realize the marvelous merits of Gadar2 in all departments of story, dialogues, direction, performance by the entire cast, the amazing authentic action-war scenes, and of course the chartbusting music by Mithoon, We also give due major credit to late Anand Bakshi-saab and genius Uttam Singh-jee for their great contributions towards meaningful lyrics and evergreen songs in Gadar (2001) which were ‘re-arranged’ by Mithoon in Gadar2,”   says Anil Sharma whose honest, heartfelt views are fully supported by the Gadar2 team of super-excited young hero Utkarsh Sharma and heroine Simrat Kaur, emotionally delighted Udit Narayan and Mithoon. They were all present at the event to celebrate the super-success of their musical-patriotic-emotional-action-thriller ‘Gadar2’ which is expected to cross Rs 700 crores in due course.

Gadar 2 sept musical success event

Rarely in the history of Indian Cinema has any movie been celebrated as a mega-festival. Of course, there are other box-office grossers, but Gadar2 is a poori-janata-josh-movement, a historic milestone for Indian Cinema. While urban family audiences are flocking to their nearest multiplexes and single-screen theatres,  cinegoers-fans in villages and small towns have gone in large numbers to theatres in tractors and trucks in large numbers singing in chorus the very popular Gadar2 songs.

Gadar-2 success Sept young lead cast, singer, composer and lyricist
The Gadar2 team gathered to celebrate the musical super success of the phenomenal music of Gadar2 and of course who else could have done it other than the musical prodigy Mithoon Sharma! The amazingly talented young composer has been churning out musical hits right from his debut film Zeher to Murder-2, Aashiqui-2  Ek Villain, Sanam Re,  Kabir Singh to the recently released Bawaal and now musical blockbuster Gadar2.  Musical genius Mithoon is one of the top artists on streaming platforms having millions of streams of his songs against his name.
And now,  almost all the chart-buster Gadar2 songs have merited multi-million views, and still counting.

Gadar 2 success Sept Dir Anil Sharma

The celebration event saw the  ‘showman’ Dir Anil Sharma, hit-man music composer Mithoon, legend-singer  Udit Narayan, Gadar2 lyricist Sayeed Quadri,  the talented young singer Vishal Mishra and young rising stars Utkarsh and Simrat Kaur. The jubilant eam celebrated with a cake-cutting with the supportive news media. witnessing it...

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Flashback--Sunny Deol chatting with Chaitanya PadukoneGadar-2--Dir Anil Sharma with Chaitanya Padukone Gadar 2 success Sept--Composer Mithoon with Chaitanya Padukone



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