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In Memory Of The Great Lyricist Majrooh Sultanpuri


Jyothi Venkatesh

The well-known literature foundation, Pasbaan-e-Adab’s Meeraas 2018 – an evening of soulful ghazals, was held recently in Mumbai in honor of Majrooh Sultanpuri. A memorable evening with Janab Andalib Sultanpuri, son of Majrooh Sultanpuri in the presence of his family and fans from the literature fraternity and the Indian film industry, was an honor for the musicians, singers and team of Pasbaan-e-Adab to compose his unsung poetry and ghazals to be able to share it with a packed audience on Saturday evening. The evening commenced with  Quaiser Khalid, IGP Mumbai Police, honoring the support and guidance from Janab Andalib Sultanpuri for sharing the book of Janab Majrooh Sultanpuri holding his handwritten ghazals and poetry for the team to compose the music and perform it. In gratitude of the team of Pasbaan-e-Adab, Quaiser Khalid felicitated the team members for their contribution of valuable time and support to bring together a memorable evening for all. The trio singers, Rehman, Sujata and Humayun brought the evening alive with the guidance of Janab Andalib by presenting to the audience works of his legendary father’s most treasured and loved ghazals. Presenting a glimpse of the recordings of the ghazals recited by Majrooh Sahab was the inertia that catapult the compositions sung by the singers. Audience enjoyed compositions sung by Rahmanji, Sujataji and Humanyunji to loud applauses. With music and TV personalities also in the audience, Quaiser Khalid acknowledged their presence. Sanjeevani (from Qareeb movie fame) sang a few old movie numbers written by Majrooh Sultanpuri such as “Aayee Mehrbaan”, “Ankhon Se Jo Utri Hai” to an enthralling applause from the audience.

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