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Independence Day: Our Favourite TV Actors Say About Patritism And Their Love For The Country

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PATRIOTIC FEVER Independence Day is right around the corner and this is what our favourite TV actors say about patritism and their love for the country



Although I feel that celebrating Independence Day by means of flag hoisting is necessary as it keeps the spirit alive for the coming generations, it is also important that we celebrate it each day by being an ideal citizen of the country and actrively ensuring that nobody disrespects or stains then basic moral values of our culture and society and take a strong stand against it. On this day every year, my memorioes of our freedom fighters, forefathers and our soldiers are rekindled. It is only because of them that we are where we are. I will celebrate Independence Day by firstly attending the flag hoisting in my society as it is something I used to do in school and also continue to do in our society whether I live in Peddar Road or Oshiwara.


I make it a point to celebrate Independence Day every year wuitghout fail. When we remember our freedom fighters on the Independence Day we just talk history because we were not there so now let’s talk about today because we are here. For me our Prime Minister Narendra Modi is today’s hero. Now I am aware about my country but earlier I never used to hear even the news. Now I know what’s going on in my country, and this is my patriorism and love for my country.

Ankitta Sharma 

I believe that patriotism can also be related to humanity. I feel helping someone from our country is also a form of patriotism. If you can make ten people smile a day that is also patriotism in a way,  that is how I function in my life. Only waving flags doesn’t make you a patriotic person. If we become a good human being our country will also be recognized for it and India is already known for it,  the warmth and love. I think we should promote talent as well as India is really wealthy when it comes to talent. India really has it to be the number one country in the world. The song and the lyrics are beautiful, they have defined India in a very beautiful way. How much ever I travel to different countries the feel I get in India is the best. I feel India is the best country.

Avinash Mishra

For me patriotism is not only holding the flag on that day or putting a badge on T-shirt, I feel education is very important if we really want to see our country on top let’s make sure that each and everyone is aware of the importance of education. If the illiteracy rate goes down ultimately our country will grow. One more thing I would like to add our Bollywood star Akshay Kumar Sir and his team have started a website which is a platform to share your love and respect towards Indian army by donating some money for army families. So it’s my humble request from all people to go through this site and help our INDIAN ARMY.

Aastha Chaudhary

I agree on this that the feeling of patriotism only comes up during 15th August and 26th January. You will see people selling flags on road but the next day the same flags are seen thrown on the road. The problem here is that we forget what we have to do to be a good citizen. I feel that if we genuinely want to do something for the country then you should work with honesty,  value your army force and love and respect each other with heart. There is a saying be a citizen worth time for,  so if our soldiers are fighting for us on the border let them feel that yes this is worth doing. My favourite patriotic song is Teri Mitti from the film Kesari,  the lyrics are beautiful. Whenever I listen to it I get emotional.

Anupama Solanki 

As we all know India was known as sone ki chidiya because our country was that powerful and I feel once again we are ready to be the most powerful country as the new generation or the youth has that potential in them to make it to the top. My favourite patriotic song is Jab Zero diya mere Bharat ne.

Rehaan Roy 

Independence is a feeling and this can not be limited to only one day. Though on 15th August, we all celebrate Independence Day, somehow we forget to celebrate that same feeling the next day or the other days and that’s a problem. I feel we all take our Independence for granted. We often forget how the freedom fighters fought for our country in which we are living freely today. I always have the highest respect for all the freedom fighters of our country. “Dil diya hai jaan bhi denge aye watan tere liye “used to be my favourite patriotic song. However recently “aye watan watan mere abaad rahe tu” from the movie Raazi is my favourite patriotic song.

Subuhi Joshi 

To make India the best country in the world, we should start from ourselves. We will have to take some basic steps first of all. In my opinion, we can’t change everything overnight. So first of all everyone should follow some basic rules to improve our locality and our society. We should not give or take bribe.No spitting or littering here and there and a strict no to dowry should be encouraged. We should raise our voice against any crime taking place in front of our eyes. We must cast our vote and pay tax regularly. There is no harm to go abroad to learn new technology or for higher education, but its our duty towards our motherland to come back and serve her. We should not discriminate people based on their gender, caste or religion. I believe that we can’t progress and achieve supremacy unless our neighbourhood, our society and our states are not developed. Aye mere vatan ke logon, zara aankh mei bhar lo paani would be my all-time favourite patriotic song

Arun Mandola 

First we have to stop fighting about Hindu -Muslim, other countries are enjoying this fight and we are losing people, reputation , finance and relationship. The patriotism should not be only for 1 day. We should learn patriotism from China, they have unity and they are very dedicated to their country thats why they do not use outside. products.Facebook ,Twitter, Watsapp is banned in China and there are lots of thing that we have to learn from China. I dont feel shame to learn from Enemies if they are doing some good things. Mera Rang de Basanti Chola is my favourite patriotic song.

Ansh Bagri 

We should make education available to everyone there is still a lot of illiteracy in the country. We live in a metro city hence we assume that everyone is educated. Free education should be there for everyone. We have been talking of free education for years but still, it is not implemented. My favourite patriotic song is Mile sur mera tumhara because it reflected what India is all about.

Shivin Narang 

India has to work on creating more employment opportunities. We have been talking of employment issue since ages but still, unemployment is rampant. My favourite patriotic song is Ae Watan from the film Raazi.

Angad Hasija 

I agree that people only feel patriotic on 15 August. But these days like Independence day,  friendship day,  valentines day,  etc doesn’t really matter to me, it’s just the trend. I feel every day should be independence day or friendship day, etc. To make India the best country, people should work on small things like cleanliness. We should start it by ourselves. Even these days people don’t think before planning a family, they have 4-5 kids just because they are not having a son. So I feel we should educate people about this and improve our living and after that even if we don’t wish happy independence day it’s fine. Putting it on social media and wishing independence day won’t really help,  I feel people should follow rules and regulations to make India a better place. My favourite patriotic song is Rang de Basanti.

Tinaa Dattaa

India needs to be corruption and pollution-free. We are addressing the issue since ages still corruption and pollution both exist abundantly. Strict action should be taken for defaulters. My favourite song is Ae Mere Vatan Ke logo sung by Lata Mangeshkar. The song brings tears in my eyes each time I hear it.

Malhar Pandya 

We all are already proud of being Indians. I feel our country is the best country because our culture is beautiful. There are people who are projecting our culture in the wrong way, but if that is stopped, then I feel there would not be a better country than India. My favourite patriotic song is of course ‘Mera Rang De Basanti’ from Ajay Devgan’s film on the Bhagat Singh.

Rahuol Lohani 

15 August is a very big day for each and every Indian as we became Independent so this day is always going to be very special for all the Indians. Even this is true that the feeling of patriotism only comes up during 15th August but you even see that when India wins in some sport you get excited or if something unfortunate happens on the border we do feel bad and get angry. I consider those feelings as patriotic. It’s not a feeling you will get every day but it does come in us at some or the other point of time. My favourite patriotic song is ‘Ae Watan’ from the film Raazi.

Rohitashv Gour

Our country had got independence on 15 August. I am really grateful to the freedom fighters because of whom got we are Independent today. Today our country is just known as a developing country, so I feel we should follow all the rules and regulations given by the government. When we visit different countries, we do follow all the rules and regulations there but we don’t do it here. So the first thing is we should keep our country clean and its a duty of each and every citizen to be loyal towards our country. We always talk about what should be done,  but we never talk about what should we do. So completing our duty towards our country with honesty is important. My favourite patriotic song is Rang De Basanti Chola from Manoj Kumar’s film.

Arif Zakaria 

It’s tragic that we now carry our patriotism on our sleeves when it should exist in the air we breathe. There is no great mantra each of us needs to make our country great except to keep doing diligently what we all are doing in our daily lives. Favourite song has to be Manoj kumars- Rang de basanti chola from Shaheed.

Amal Sehrawat 

Patriotism is felt all through the year , every single day. It’s just that we really celebrate this feeling on 15 August. A country becomes the best when it’s people become the best. As individuals, we have done our best that’s all.”Apni aazadi ko hum hargis mita sakte nahi” this song is my favourite patriotic song for a very special reason because this is the first patriotic song that I sung in my kindergarten. I still remember the lyrics.

Ira Sone 

We need to make our country corruption-free. In India one way or the other, we bribe to get the work done, that needs to be stopped and we should promote tourism. India is so beautiful yet enough tourists are not coming to India. My favourite patriotic song is Dil diya hai jaan bhi denge from film Karma.

Jasmin Bhasin 

We need to make India absolutely clean country. Our citizens still throw garbage and spit anywhere and we don’t even follow government rules. India has beautiful places like Shimla,  Sikkim, Rajasthan, we should promote tourism more and the economy has to contribute in the development of the nation. My favourite patriotic song is Chakde India,  the song is very new age and meaningful.

Ssharad Malhotra 

We should stop fighting in the name of religion. India is a cosmopolitan country with a cosmopolitan culture where everyone can co-exist. My favourite patriotic song is Yeh Desh Hai Veer Jawano Ka from film Naya Daur.

Arjun Bijlani 

I think the government is doing a lot and the change is happening already which are seen to be very positive but as I live in Mumbai I will talk about it. I feel in Mumbai there should be places which should be open till late. I feel that the government should give permission to open good restaurants on the beachside. They can make a path on the beachside where people can jog. As we have a good coastline so I feel that prominent places like Juhu or Versova should be developed. And yes, restaurants should be open at least till 3 am. These things should be allowed legally so there is no scope in doing it illegally. Infrastructure-wise Mumbai has to be better,  we always wake up in the monsoons, I think making Mumbai roads better should be like a years cycle. Whether rains are there or not there it should be a continuous process of maintaining the roads. My favourite patriotic song is Ae Mere Watan Ke logo. I like that song because it’s about the soldiers. I think even today no one can match up to the sacrifices they do. In reality shows and all, we see a lot of people talking about their sacrifices but a soldiers sacrifice is unmatched because he is doing for the whole country, it’s his duty. There is a lot of difference to sacrifice for your family and to sacrifice for duty or the country and I think that’s why our soldiers need to get the most respect. How much ever we do for them it will always be less.

Gaurav Gera 

Already the drives are on. The cleanliness drive is on and as a good citizen we must follow that but we are still far away from corruption rate, people have to know that. People should feel guilty about it. My favourite patriotic song is  Ae Watan Ae Watan Humko teri kasam.

Munisha Khatwani 

As an Indian, I feel what we can do to make India the best country in the world is that probably we can be more progressive with our roads,  corruption and systematic in many other things. Cleanliness is required all over India. My favourite patriotic song is Suno Gaur Se Duniya walo chahe jitna zor laga lo because it gives me a good feeling and it makes me feel content.

Mrunal Jain 

I do not agree that we feel patriotic only on 15th August. It’s true that we cannot feel it all the time but yes it comes out on specific occasions. We can take an example of world cup,  or even India VS Pakistan match where we all come together as a nation and just have that in us that we have to win, that feeling is also patriotic feeling. My favourite patriotic song is Vande Mataram.

Reyaansh Vir Chadha 

Everyone has to take an initiative to make our country the best in the world instead of just criticizing it. We need to understand the importance of education and make sure that everyone is educated in our country. Education is a necessity

Shashank Vyas 

I don’t agree with the statement that patriotism comes only on 15 August. Let me give you an example,  on your birthday you feel special it doesn’t mean that you don’t feel special on other days. It’s a day which is allotted for a particular reason. So feeling patriotic only on 15 August does not mean that you are not a patriot. We all love Diwali but it doesn’t mean that we should burn crackers the whole year. If I talk about how to make our country better,  we can do a simple thing, try to become an  IAS , IPS officer. There have multiple exams to be given if they want to become one. So in the same manner, if you want to enter politics, I feel qualification needs to be considered. The proper filtration of people needs to be done. Shortlisting of the people should be done. There should be a proper examination,  how IAS and IPS are produced in the same way politicians should be produced. If I talk about my favourite freedom fighter, I was majorly impressed by Bhagat Singh,  at the age of 23 he gave his life for the country its unimaginable. At the age of 23, I did not even have a proper moustache and at that age fighting for the country and openly challenging Britishers! Hats off to him! My favourite patriotic song is Kar Chale Hum Fida Jaan-O-Tan Saathiyon.

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