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Indian population is huge and it’ll take time to get everyone vaccinated, so we can’t blame the government, says Parull Chaudhry


Amid the ongoing pandemic, vaccination in time is our only saving grace. The government introduced phase wise vaccination in India started in January this year began with frontline and health workers, followed by senior citizens and then it opened for those about 45 years old – Jyothi Venkatesh

Early last month, the government announced free vaccination for all above the age of 18. However, vaccine shortage is a sad reality.

Many are of the opinion that vaccination should have been open to all from the beginning, while others support the government’s way of working things out.

Actor Parull Chaudhry too voices her support to the government while expressing her concern over the situation.

“I don’t think we can’t blame the government for this. Indian population is huge so it is practically not possible to get everyone vaccinated so soon and also at the same time.

We have two or three vaccines available and the system is trying to do its best but this will take time.

We have to go stepwise to avoid confusion,” says the actor known for TV shows Divya-Drishti, Anupamaa and Kasautii Zindagi Kay (second season).

Parull is yet to be vaccinated. She had tested positive for the virus in the month of April, hence the actor-anchor will have to wait for three months before she can take the jabs.

“I have been getting my antibodies test and the level is fine right now. My antibodies have to drop below 80 for me to get vaccinated. If I get vaccinated right now it won’t help because I already have antibodies in my system,” she adds.

The actor agrees that the pandemic has made us realise the importance of our health. “Now most of us are trying to eat right and exercising as well.

Lot of people have suffered financially but then again ‘jaan hai toh jahan hai’. If you survive this pandemic then you have still got the chance to build everything again.

It’s important to stay fit and fight this virus. I have always stressed on eating healthy. I guess that’s why the virus, thankfully, did not affect me much,” she shares.

Speaking on how this crisis has affected the global economy, she highlights how these turbulent times are affecting our collective mental health.

“We’ve to keep ourselves busy in every possible way, I’m doing the same. My Instagram became super active as I wanted to create stuff that cheered people.

I’ve been home for almost a year after Kasautii… went off air, so it is difficult for me too… So, I’ve tried reaching out to as many people as possible to find out how they are doing.

This has definitely been a life lesson. I’ve cut down on so many unnecessary expenses. In a way we should be thankful that this pandemic has opened our eyes to what we were doing wrong especially in the way we were dealing with Mother Nature.

I also think we can’t just blame the government. We also have to be responsible and take care of our health and our loved ones. We must follow precautions and be there for each other,” she reasons.

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