IndianA Connection! Check Out Our Indian Superstars' Tremendous Connection to Harrison Ford's Iconic Indiana Jones

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Actors often draw inspiration from the stars who ace legendary roles when it comes to acting, fashion, and building characters for ambitious roles. Indiana Jones has been a pioneer and one of the earliest films that popularised the world of adventure films. While we are awaiting the fearless adventurer in theatres with the final chapter of Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, here are some Indian actors, who have been taking notes from Indy’s sass and charisma.

Salman Khan


Salman Khan is one of the early superstars who shaped action movies in Bollywood. Presenting to us the blockbuster classics like Dabangg, Tiger (series), Wanted amongst other thrilling titles, in 2020 a few reports have been floating of Salman Khan playing a character with similar characteristics to Indiana Jones with a desi twist. It was said that the film would be inspired by the original but wasn’t a direct adaptation to any of the existing films. However, there are no updates on this title ever since. What would happen if Bhai went all adventurer mode? guess we will never know!


Rana Daggubati


In an interview, a few years back, Baahubali star Rana Daggubati spoke about the 34 films which shaped his career. Amongst which Indiana Jones Raiders of The Lost Ark has played a pivotal role. Speaking of the film, he said “As Indians we are so heavily into stories about hidden treasures that we buy all these characters more easily. Raiders hasn't aged a second. The film was right for its time then and its right for today, and that rarely happens in cinema.”

Amrish Puri


Late veteran actor Amrish Puri was not just inspired by Indiana Jones, but also played a crucial part in director Steven Spielberg’s filmography. Reprising his Hollywood Debut, with Mola Ram of Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom, Amrish Puri made his mark as a personal favourite for Spielberg and one of the most highly acclaimed villains of all time.


Ranveer Singh 


Ranveer Singh, along with being a globally acclaimed superstar, Ranveer Singh often makes headlines with his style statements. The actor always sports creative mashups of outfits that guarantee to make heads turn. Back in 2017, Ranveer Singh was spotted at the Mumbai airport donning the iconic Indy Hat, and a modern touch to the Indiana Jones’ costume.


Fun fact: A year ago, Ranveer Singh posted a picture on his social media, of himself dressed up as Mola Ram from The Temple Of Doom.


Anil Kapoor 


Anil Kapoor’s iconic Mr. India truly plays a tribute to the legendary outfit donned by Indiana for ages. While rocking a simple brown coat and the iconic hat, Mr. India really inspired the action-adventure segment in India. While the pursuits of both adventurers have been strikingly different. The outfit says it loud and clear - A hat and a humble Coat is all it takes to take down massive threats, with a whip or a cloaking device!


Mahesh Babu


Indian cinema's global blockbusters continue to captivate audiences, and Mahesh Babu is set to bring a fresh twist to the classic Indiana Jones look in his upcoming action-adventure film SSMB29. Sporting a stylish leather jacket with arrows on his back, Mahesh Babu channels the iconic archaeologist's vibe, leading back to the timeless appeal of Raiders of the Lost Ark.


Relive the adventures of the archaeological master Indy, one last time in Indiana Jones And The Dial of Destiny in theatres across India from 29th June, 2023 onwards in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu


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