‘India’s diverse culture organically lends itself to foreign adaptations’


There are currently about 46 providers of over-the-top media services (OTT) in India, which distribute streaming media over the Internet. Nowadays, there has been a growing trend of foreign shows being adapted for Indian audiences on OTT platforms. Going by the positive response to these adaptations and the long list of upcoming shows (adaptations of The Bridge starring Saif Ali Khan and The Good Wife starring Kajol are on the way), it appears that their popularity will continue to grow. We take a look at what makes these adaptations a hit on OTT in India.

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Makers of these adaptations say that the diversity in India provides opportunities for multi-dimensional storytelling. During the announcement of The Bridge, Saif Ali Khan told Variety, “When you think of The Bridge as a concept, for us, with the diversity that we have, you can really go to town on this thing, because there’s just so much disparity in our country and even between privileged and non-privileged it is almost appalling. I hope our show touches on those nerves. ” The show’s production house added, “The states in India provide us with such cultural diversity, one state to the other is very different. Languages are different, the culture is different. ”

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During the launch of the Indian adaptation of Modern Love, the studio said in a statement, “We have seen audiences across the world relate with the stories from our US show, and we feel India’s diverse culture organically lends itself to the series.”

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